Australia’s First $0 Electricity Bill Revealed!

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Australia’s First $0 Electricity Bill Revealed!

Find out how to get a $0 electricity bill with sonnenFlat!

Ever wondered how you can stop paying thousands of dollars for your electricity bills each year?

sonnenFlat is the simple solution taking the world by storm and saving Aussie households on the price of their power. A solar battery with storage capacity able to be tailored to your home that when paired with an appropriately sized solar system, can guarantee $0 electricity bills.

Each sonnenBatterie starting at 8kWh up to 16kWh stores more power than the Tesla Powerwall 2 and allows you to store power generated from solar panels that you can consume when your household needs it most.

When your solar and solar battery are not covering your household electrical needs, the remainder is still pulled in from the grid.

So how do you achieve $0 electricity bills if you still need the grid?

That’s where sonnenFlat comes in. You get an annual allowance of electricity based on which tier of the sonnenFlat scheme you can or choose to sign up for – $30, $40 or $50 per month.

As long as your combined solar, solar battery and grid drawn power remain below that amount, you pay nothing for your electricity! There’s no wonder homeowners are excited to be slashing their power bills and moving towards sonnenFlat – your challenger electricity retailer with a risk free solar and battery storage solution.

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