Sunpower Panels and Tesla Powerwall – The Ultimate Solar and Energy Storage Solution

Sunpower Panels and The Tesla Powerwall – The Ultimate Solar and Energy Storage Solution


SunPower 327w E-20 Series Solar Panels

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  • Rated #1 – SunPower Panels are rated #1 in the world, providing the highest energy production available on the market.
  • Industry-leading Warranties – SunPower Panels have a 25-year product warranty, a 95% peak power warranty for 5-years and an 87% peak power warranty for 25-years.
  • Product Warranty Covers Everything – The SunPower 25-year product warranty covers removal of a bad panel, shipping costs, flash testing, new panel installation costs. Not many manufacturers, if any will cover all of these items in their product warranty.
  • Highest Efficiency – SunPower makes the highest efficiency solar panels you can buy for your roof.
  • No Comparison – SunPower panels deliver 38% more power than a Conventional Panel.
  • Tier 1 Panel – SunPower panels are Tier 1 Rated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.


The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

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  • #1 Rated and Best-Selling Home Energy Storage Solution – The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery has hit the Australian market by storm. Its 6.4kWh storage capacity is enough to power the typical Aussie household throughout the night when fully charged.
  • Highest Depth of Discharge – The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery can be discharged 100%, the full 6.4kWh is usable.
  • Gorgeous Design – The Tesla Powerwall is a sleek, elegantly designed item.
  • Rigorous Safety Testing – The Tesla Powerwall has been built from the ground up to deliver multiple levels of protection. Add to that a highly sophisticated Battery Management System and liquid thermal control system ensures the batteries will always function in a safe manner.
  • Flexible Installation – Emitting no dangerous gases (compared to typical Lead-Acid battery systems), a quiet cooling fan whilst rated for both indoor and outdoor installation, the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is able to be installed anywhere.