Retrofit a Tesla Powerwall to your existing system

Retrofit a Tesla Powerwall Home Battery onto your current solar system

Currently, you can retrofit (add) a Powerwall onto your existing solar system in one of three ways:

  1. You can add a Tesla Energy approved Tesla Powerwall compatible inverter to your existing system and couple the Tesla Powerwall to the Tesla Powerwall compatible inverter.
    The Tesla Powerwall compatible inverters currently approved by Tesla Energy are:
    The SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter for single phase power properties.
    The Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter for three phase power properties.
  2. You can add a SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit coupled to your existing inverter and connect the Tesla Powerwall to the Sunny Boy Storage unit.
  3. You can get an additional system added to your property.
    For example, if you had 1.5kW of panels currently on your roof and had space for another 3kW to 4kW of panels and your existing solar is not meeting your current household requirements or generating any excess, you could add an additional 3-4kW of panels to your roof, coupled to a Tesla Powerwall compatible inverter which would be connected to the Tesla Powerwall.

Add a Tesla Powerwall compatible inverter


Availability: Currently available!

To allow your current solar system, unless it is using one of the Tesla Powerwall compatible inverters already, you can add a Tesla Powerwall compatible inverter to your current system and then couple the Tesla Powerwall to that inverter.

There are currently two inverters available on the market that are compatible with the Powerwall:

  1. The SolarEdge StorEdge inverter for single phase power supply properties.
  2. The Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter for three phase power supply properties.

Add SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit


Availability Date: Q3 2016 (Expected August).

You can add a SMA Sunny Boy Storage unit to your current system, coupled to your current inverter, allowing it to have the functionality required (through the unit) to charge and discharge the Tesla Powerwall.

Spec Sheet:

Add a separate additional new system

Image 2

You can also get your hands on a Tesla Powerwall by getting Natural Solar to install a separate, new system to your home – The Panels, Inverter, Tesla Powerwall and other required hardware.

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