Solar battery storage & solar systems for home or business

Solar battery storage & solar systems for your home or business

Natural Solar provides a complete service from design through to install including solar battery storage

Solar & solar battery systems

Natural Solar provides a complete service for solar & solar plus battery systems – home & business. Using only the best Tier 1 solar panels from SunPower and Q-Cells, quality inverters from Fronius & SolarEdge and the World’s leading solar home energy storage battery the Tesla Powerwall 2. Natural Solar can help you to maximise your own home energy production and become ‘energy efficient’. Save money on your energy bills, and avoid the threat of energy blackouts by becoming ‘energy independent’.

Here’s how we’ve become one of the top and highest rated Tesla Powerwall and solar installers in Australia:

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We use Tier 1 Solar Panels from Q-Cells & SunPower

Tier 1 Solar Panels are quality panels from both a performance and manufacturing perspective. The panels used by Natural Solar come from two of the largest solar panel manufacturers and combine quality with true value and performance. They have been tested in the most diverse conditions and have been proven to out outperform many other panel brands in Australia.

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Natural Solar provide the best Tier 1 solar panels such as SunPower - ideal for solar battery storage
Natural Solar use quality inverters such as Fronius and SolarEdge

Our systems include quality inverters from Fronius & SolarEdge

Fronius and SolarEdge inverters provide some of the best performance of any inverters brands. The purpose of the inverter is to convert the energy produced by the panels into electricity that can be stored by the battery or used straight into the home. Efficiency, durability and reliability is key with Fronius and SolarEdge providing consistent results every time.

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The world’s best solar battery storage – Tesla Powerwall 2

Powerwall is the leading solar battery solution throughout the world. Powerwall 2 is the latest and most powerful battery Tesla has produced for home solar systems and combines a huge 13.5 kilowatts of energy storage with reliability and a 10 year warranty. Store the energy you don’t use during the day for use when you need it most and Powerwall is expandable up to 9 batteries so it’s expandable too.

See how Powerwall saved this family 92% on their energy bills.

Powerwall keeps the lights on during a blackout – read it here.

Powerwall – Australia’s battery of choice – more here.

Natural Solar are Australia's largest solar battery storage Tesla Powerwall re-seller

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