Australia’s Largest Solar and Battery Installer Announces New Home Energy Storage Product Partnership

Australia’s leading installer of home energy storage solutions, Natural Solar, has today announced a new national partnership with globally renowned home battery provider sonnen, just days ahead of the launch of the highly anticipated sonnenFlat.

Natural Solar will take the role of Premier sonnen Installer in the Australian market, rolling our the first series of sonnenFlat installations around the country.

“Since beginning to install battery storage solutions both residentially and commercially at the start of 2016, and seeing the resulting huge consumer interest and demand for the product, Natural Solar has made the decision to diversify its energy storage product offering and work with the world’s leading product by installed volume in the home battery market,” says Chris Williams, CEO & Founder of Natural Solar.

“sonnen have installed more than 30,000 battery storage solutions globally and the launch of sonnenFlat will be an absolute industry game-changer when it comes to home energy storage in Australia,” added Mr Williams.

“The demand for batteries coupled with solar solutions has grown over 1000% in the past 18 months, and as energy prices are set to rise a further 20% next week, there is no doubt interest will flourish as consumers are lured by affordability, the promise of savings and the environmental benefits of battery and solar power,” says Mr Williams.

“We are in-tune with the needs of our customers at Natural Solar, and it is our duty to bring to them a range of home energy storage solutions to suit any household. We are truly excited to be partnering with sonnen as a premier installer on their range of sonnen homebatterie products, particularly the sonnenFlat which is expected to guarantee a reduction of electricity bills to $0 for eligible Australian households,” says Mr Williams. “This is a huge shift in technology, and will bring consumers the added benefit of confirmed and proven savings.”

The sonnenFlat is the next step in grid sharing technology, having the ability not only to store power, but also rewarding customers by allowing them to join and connect their home ‘mini power stations’ into a utility allowing grid stabilising services. This will guarantee free electricity to customers, dependent to some extent on the household’s annual power consumption, capacity of rooftop voltaic panels and battery storage size.

“We always look for pioneers and people who truly understand that solar is just one step in creating a new energy environment. In every market, we look to partner with these pioneers, and strongly believe Natural Solar are a leader in the field who will support sonnen to do this. By the end of the year, we believe Australia will be our second biggest market,” says Philipp Schroder, CEO of sonnen.

The sonnenFlat launches in Australia on 5th July 2017.

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