sonnen Battery energy management system

Want a $0 electricity bill? We’ve got you covered! Introducing the German manufactured sonnenBatterie and sonnenFlat energy storage solution for your home!
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The sonnen Battery Eco new version is 9.53 Hybrid

sonnen’s most recent evolution of its battery based comprehensive energy management system to enter the market,
the sonnenBatterie Eco 8 (8th Generation) is a German designed, engineered and made Lithium Iron Phosphate battery built to provide a clean, reliable and affordable energy storage solution for your home which is going to save you money with its remarkable list of features.

sonnen battery Features:

  • Don’t pay for electricity again with sonnen Flat: sonnen Flat is a deal where you get a set amount of power for free each day (regardless of season!) in exchange for sonnen having access to your battery for assisting with grid stabilisation services. (find out more)
  • Warranty and Design Life: 20 year Design Life backed by an industry leading warranty – 10,000 cycles (2.7 cycles per day) or 10 years before battery storage level degradation (read more)
  • Save Money: With the system intelligently able to turn high power draining devices on and off automatically (or remotely) with the optional Z-wave Power Adapters (read more)
  • Save Even More Money: Store excess solar power for use at night to help maximise your solar self-consumption. (read more)
  • Blackout Protection: sonnen Protect provides backup power in events of grid outages or as part of an off-grid solution. (read more)
  • Size: System size is able to be sized from 4kWh, in steps of 2kWh increments up to a huge 16kWh of energy storage (read more)
  • Monitoring: The sonnen App and online portal allow you to track your self consumption, battery state of charge as well as turn off and on devices connected to Z-wave Power Adapters.
  • Software: Smart Energy Management software manages your energy intelligently throughout the day.
  • Chemistry: A reliable and very safe Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry.
  • Easy Install: An easy installation process and commissioning process, reducing installation costs and time.
  • Install Locations: Able to be installed inside or outside as it is one fully self-contained unit.

The sonnenBatterie eco will cause your electricity bills to plummet, saving you money while also helping reduce greenhouse emissions dramatically.

Our 8kWh sonnen Battery starts from $12,840. Ask us about our $500 discount when combining with solar panels.

Yes. Install timeframes are dependant on location, and can be from 2-6 weeks for a battery retrofit.

A sonnen battery is warranted for 10 years, or 10,000 cycles (whichever comes first), and the batteries have an expected lifetime of approximately 20 years.

It’s an important market for sonnen because it has the highest penetration rate of solar globally, so if you look at Australia, it even has a higher penetration rate of solar rooftop than Germany, so that’s one of the aspects, so you guys are one of the most mature markets when it comes to solar penetration. The second one obviously is pricing. So if you look at pricing, especially if you look at the wholesale pricing has quadrupled in comparison to last year and we received these prices by the customer income level by the beginning of July it will have one of the highest prices in the western industrial world, if you want, so highest pricing and highest penetration rate are the two main reasons we believe Australia will be our second most important markets by the end of the year.

We always look for pioneers, we always look for the people are approaching the market with a ‘me too’ approach but we look for people who truly understand that solar is just one step of creating a new energy environment. We think solar is the just first step of bringing communities together to share electricity. We are looking for the battery class, and we are looking for the pioneers, we don’t visit everybody, it’s far more important to get the right partner and the right people from the beginning, this has always been in every market our approach and culture.

We perceive further decreases in prices in solar and wind and we think the next big step is to really bundle these into virtual power plants that can not only market those electricity capacities but also to make sure the solar issues are not just used for home consumption, so just one person or one home but is actually the opposite of that is you can actually use them for grid stabalisation and also for peak shaving for the overall grid. So we belive the next big step is, or two steps are sharing electricity in decentralised assets, and sharing solar devices to bring greater prosperity for all.

Yes absolutely, if you look at Germany. In the beginning of May we just had 80% of electricity in Germany came from renewables including the industry. This means the 4th biggest industrial nation of this planet actually had self-sufficiency from renewable energy of 80% already in May. This is an incredible number, but it also shows without storage this would not be economically viable. Because there’s so much of electricity surplus that cannot be used, so for instance in Germany on a sunny Sunday with lots of wind we have a huge surplus that cannot be absorbed and we have to still pay for it, so storage is the condition that makes the energy transition work and makes it alot more affordable for all, for the storage user but also for all of us who are a part of change over.

Next for sonnen is to bring our services of the community to Australia, that is one big step and the next is on July 5 we will be launching sonnen Flat in Australia which means for the first time we will be using the storage unit of our customers to participate in the wholesale market and also for grid stabilisatiom in Australia. We believe wholesalers in Australia is more attractive than grid stabilisatiom for various reasons, which will enable our customers to reduce their electricity bill to zero, and this is going to be launched on July 5 in Sydney.

We see in Europe already is that the flat model is allowing our customers to generate extra income and in Germany we guarantee this extra income for 10 years from grid frequency stabilisation and this extra income is enough to advertise the investment into hours on battery which means that everyone who’s not having such a model is not competitive because we literally hand away the hardware and services and we fully cover the cost of the hardware we installed for the customer. So we see already in Europe there is a huge change to whoever is not capable of not offering grid services in the future from our perspective will have a huge disadvantage to recoup investment costs in storage.

There are two approaches. The first is to build the cheapest hardware that has no intelligence, those are mostly automotive batteries, they have a very short cycle life and they try to have very low entry point levels, we believe that’s not achievable because if you look at the cost of cycle and look at the option of the grid services we think that our approach is a more efficient one that essentially allows the customer to decrease the amortisation period due to the sonnenFlat even with the low price product. We continue to see manufacturers and products in Asia that push batteries at a very low price but we already see that our customers understand they don’t have the value and contribution that our product has so, value in terms of cycle life, 10 thousand cycles per kilowatt hour but also safety which is for example, if you look at the term of our battery cells our maximum temperature of 120 degrees which is a lot more than boiling water while others have the danger of being flammable with a temperature of up to 800-900 degrees, so we believe not only from a value perspective and from sonnen’s perspective we have the best technology but also from a safety perspective.

We are out performing the overall goals in the battery market. For example in Germany, the market grew by 35% from 2015 and we believe Australia will be our second largest market by the end of the year.

sonnenBatterie + sonnenFLAT = Pay $0 in electricity bills!

Imagine a world with no power bills… In an Australian first, sonnen will provide you with FREE electricity when you install
an intelligent home energy storage sonnen battery and solar system, or if you add a sonnen battery to your existing solar system. It’s not just free electricity – sonnen will also remove all fixed supply charges on your electricity bill; something no other energy storage solution in Australia can offer!

Exclusive to all Natural Solar customers, for a limited time in
celebration of the launch of sonnenFlat, we are offering even more FREE electricity per day beating all of our competitors. Get your quote today and see just how much you will save.

For customers who choose to be part of the sonnenFlat program (it’s an absolute no-brainer), sonnen will give you a fixed amount of free electricity per day, which is determined based on your solar system size and sonnen battery capacity.

The benefits of your own sonnen battery are enormous. When the demand for power is high, or experiences a rapid change, instead of power stations increasing production from non-renewable sources or requiring expensive upgrades, the sonnen battery network of
connected participating batteries join together to form an energy
generator much the same as a utility.

This makes it possible to compensate for fluctuations in the electricity grid, and the network remains stable. sonnenFlat rewards participating households with guaranteed $0 electricity bills*.

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sonnen battery Expected
Design Life and Warranty

The sonnen battery Eco 8 has an expected design life of 20 years. That’s right, twenty years.

It also comes with an incredible warranty – 10 years or 10,000 cycles, whichever comes first, before your battery total storage capacity starts to degrade.

10,000 cycles is huge for battery ROI. 10,000 cycles is is 2.7x more cycles than other competitors. What this means for you and your electricity bill? You can fully charge and fully discharge your battery 2.7 times PER DAY for 10 years straight.

You may be thinking, ‘but I’m not going to be able to cycle it that much per day, I’m only really going to be able to use it at night!’, but that’s where the Z-Wave Power Adapters come in… Read on.

Z-Wave Power Adapters

Take full advantage of the sonnen battery ’s 2.7 cycles per day warranty by having the system intelligently turn on and off high power draining devices to maximise your savings and ROI.

Once your battery is fully charged, you can set up rules and triggers to discharge the battery. So after 11am when
your excess solar power would otherwise be going out to the grid, your sonnen Battery can automatically turn on high power drain devices, such as your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, heating or cooling (or a combination!). The sonnen Battery Smart Energy Manager turns on the high power draining device, rerouting excess solar power being generated to the device instead of out to the grid with any additional power needed not covered by the solar being pulled in from the stored battery power.

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Why is this so important? Utilising more of your solar power increases the savings generated from your system as you’re importing less dirty grid power. Your savings from this functionality alone is the difference of your usual daily per kWh import rate, usually around 28-38c per kWh and your Feed In Tariff (export) rate, usually a measly 6c per kWh. This means for every additional kWh that you’re utilising of your solar power, you’re saving 22-32c per kWh that your system intelligently uses by turning on these high power draining devices at times when solar is abundant and your battery is charged.

If you’d prefer more control over which devices to turn on or off,
you can turn devices on or off manually via the sonnen App for
smartphones and tablets or via the sonnen Portal (website).

We sure can! We’ll always offer these to any customer looking at getting a sonnen battery as they’re a fantastic way to maximise your independence from grid power and savings!

Yes, you can manually turn on or off devices connected to Z-Wave power adapters regardless of state of charge of the sonnen battery high power drain devices via the sonnen smartphone or tablet app or via the online sonnenPortal (online monitoring website).

You sure can! You can configure the rules via the online sonnenPortal (monitoring website). You can set up rules for each day of the week.

Want to turn on your Dishwasher on Monday to wash the dishes from the weekend? Schedule it in.

Want to turn on the washing machine on Wednesday to wash the last couple days worth of dirty clothes? Schedule it in.

Want to use your heating or cooling to ensure your home is always a consistent and comfortable temperature when you get home? Schedule your aircon to turn on during Summer months and your heating to turn on during Winter months.

You can have up to 232 Z-Wave Power Adapter connected devices managed. Realistically, you’re probably looking at using the Z-Wave Adapters on the higher power draining devices, like your airconditioner, your heater, dishwasher, pool pump and so on.

Maximise Your Solar Self Consumption

Solar power naturally generates most of its power during the day, when the sun is at its peak. Frustratingly, that’s when most people are at work, where they can’t take advantage of their solar power, other than to meet the minor consistent loads of the home throughout the day.

So solar has you covered throughout the day, but what about at night? Installing a sonnen battery eco will allow you to store your excess solar energy for use at night when electricity is at its most expensive and cover your overnight and morning electricity usage allowing you to cut your electricity bills significantly. If the battery and solar system is sized correctly to meet your energy needs, your electricity bills
could be as low as $0.50 a day like one of Natural Solar’s many very happy customers, the Pfitzner family.

Between the battery storing your excess solar power until it’s fully charged and ready for night time use and the system automatically turning on your Z-Wave Power Adapter connected high power draining devices, you really will be able to truly maximise your solar self
consumption with this battery based comprehensive energy
management system.

Modular Energy
Storage Expansion

sonnen solar batteries can be sized from as little as 2kWh and increasing in steps of 2kWh all the way to 16kWh in the one cabinet.

Multiple of the 16kWh units can be set up in parallel to allow for even more energy storage, effectively giving small to medium sized businesses an effective energy storage solution.

If you purchase a 6kWh or greater sonnen battery, you will have the option to get the large cabinet installed, giving you the option in the future to add additional battery packs of 2kWh should you need additional battery storage.

This allows you to tailor the size of home energy storage system to be in line with the needs of your home or business as well as the size of your solar system.

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sonnen battery Backup Power

Never be caught without power when you need it! No more being forced to let your food spoil and not enjoy the creature comforts we’re all used to during a grid outage.

The sonnen battery eco is able to be installed with a backup panel
(optional) which will automatically kick back on and start powering your home after only 2 seconds of your power going out. Enjoy the security of knowing you will never be without power to your critical appliances.

Power went out during the day? Your solar system will kick back online too so that your battery is only providing the difference between the solar power production and the backed up loads, with any excess not being used continuing to be stored in the battery in preparation for when the sun sets.

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Do you think the overarching goal for most consumers is to achieve a zero dollar energy bill and do you think this will become the norm going forward?
What we see as the overarching motive is that people are frustrated with utilities, they are frustrated with price policies, they are frustrated with the politics, so they want to be independent, so the question is what does independence mean? Obviously zero electricity is something very catchy but the real motive for a lot of our customers is they want to reach real independence, they don’t necessarily mind the investment up front, the issue is long term independence from utilities and politics. This is the main driver for the USA, for Germany and also Australia, so this is why zero electricity is always nice to have and is very catchy and allows us to have aggressive marketing, but the real issue is people are sick and tired of being exposed to price policies that they have not participated in, that they are not responsible for and neither the politicians nor the big companies take care of their electricity bills, so we offer them true independence by not only giving them hardware where you have 70 – 80% of sufficiency , but we connect them and link them together , and we see this is the true emotional desire of our customers besides the economic benefit so we truly believe those prosumer based utilities will be the next big thing when it comes to catering to the need and motive of being energy independent. So being energy independent is more important in our perspective than saving money, however it still allows us to drop their electricity bill to $0.

Do you see a transition of power away from the electricity companies and retailers back into the pocket of consumers?
Absolutely, and an example from Germany I just mentioned 80% of electricity generated on the first of May has been generated from renewable sources and if you look at the sources, they are from a combined end phase of 2.2 million assets and they are owned by private citizens, 95% of them are owned by citizens. If you look at the conventionalists in Germany we had 100 active power plants active from the first of May, they are owned by the big utilities. So if you look at the pure facts of who owns those assets, will have the lowest electricity price moving forward, and you see the shift and new asset owners are citizens and not companies. So we will work towards connecting those assets.

What do you think is the impact on a property value of a home that has an energy storage solution? Does having a solar battery make a house more attractive for resale and how are you future proofing home energy solutions in doing so?

In Germany, one of the main reasons or one of the big characteristics we see with big real estate development companies looking for Green technologies because they always on the market for not only wanting an image of Green lifestyle but they also want to break down costs over ten years to zero which is a great marketing tool and is increasing the value of their real-estate asset, so yes this is absolute one of the main drivers.

How does sonnen Flat insulate customers from rising electricity and supply charges and risk in this area, and what you mentioned previously is there is always political and electrical instability, one of the biggest concerns we are finding consumers have with the standard battery is ‘ I can offset the electricity cost but I can’t offset the supply charge cost’, so how is the sonnen flat different there?

Its different in the way we become the utility and are guaranteeing to the end customer the outcome of zero electricity bills. Obviously sonnen as a, lets say a peer to peer community, as the utility will have the risk, the risk is on the other side of the country an income generated from grid stabilisatiom but also for wholesale which is offsetting the cost that we have to make sure our customers have zero electricity bill, but if you look at the total risk in Australia and Germany you’ll see that the storage units are opening up not only grid stabilisation model, frequency regulation model and wholesale shift, where we can actually make electricity accessible and very cheap, for example low tariff time where you start sucking in electricity, but you’re right, we still have a company will carry the right of the supply pricing.

What is your take on the current grid crisis, the instability crisis that we have across Australia with black outs and issues with the national electricity market?
Our take is, due to the fact that all the national gas of Australia is not available for the market itself, you guys are dependant on coal and solar so there is a structural deficit when it comes to base loads, so there is an increase in our perspective when it comes to implementing storage large scale, and also from our perspective, it need to be consistent with assets that are optimising the grid. So it’s necessary from our perspective that Australia not only has a large roll out of assets, but those assets must be grid optimised so they must be capable of allowing grid operators to stabilise of the grid when needed and this always is for money, it will not be for free for sure, but we believe it will only be a sustainable solution when the grid is optimised, otherwise, all you have is thousands and thousands of islands that your building that cannot provide a full solution to the grid issue that Australia has.

We have already seen a huge demand for back up power in line with grid instability and already well publicised in the media, how well do you think this trend will continue moving forward?
We believe the demand will continue to increase as there is so much frustration also just the situation of being at home, and not having refrigeration, not having air conditioning so we believe this will be the main driver for our customers in Australia. We have also just announced an additional retrofit back up option for Australia so we believe this will be, and will remain one of the key ingredients to remain successful in solar storage.

How does the concept of electricity sharing and building a virtual power plant work in reality?
In reality what we do in Germany is quite simple. We have a almost 2 million solar power plants that are all owned by private citizens at the moment they are feeding them to the grid and they get a subsidy from the government per kilowatt hour. What we do in the next year is we already now the subsidy is fading so for customers will have to look for that need electricity and there will be no other subsidy to pay for the power they are feeding into the grid at any moment.

In 10 years, what do you think the house of the future will look like?
We believe in ten years all newly built homes in Australia and Germany will be fully electrified when it comes to heating, when it comes to power generation and when it comes to driving a car, so exactly what you’re describing, we see the trend is strong in US, Germany and in Australia that people are moving away from Gas and Oil in their homes, and towards and using clean, smart and electric heating with heat pumps so we believe all these sources such as transportation, heat electrification and will be powered by solar in ten years .

What is sonnen Flat?
sonnen Flat guarantees our customers a zero electricity bill if they allow us to use their storage device to partake in the wholesale market and frequency regulation, the frequency stabilisation market.

What benefits are there for your battery over more common batteries on the market that allow it to be cycled more times without degradation rate that makes the sonnen Flat more practical that you can use the battery over and over again?
Yes, this is exactly the point. If you were to have a conventional battery system you would probably have a cycle life of about 2800 cycles maximum over ten years. This would not allow you to partake in any program where your battery is used next to home consumption for grid stabilisation or wholesale. We are together with Sony guaranteeing 10000 cycles per kilowatt hour of our lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology, plus our battery technology that is allowing us to have extra to use the battery for extra services when it’s not in use for your own private consumption, which allows you to use these services without downside. So we can actually link our customers units, use them while they are not being used and there will be no disadvantage for our customers. I think this is key aspect.

So you will reward your customers for using their battery more, you’re that confident in the performance of the battery?
Yes, absolutely, there is no risk attached for the customer. He has a guarantee of ten years and 10,000 cycles and he’s having a guarantee for his price.