Get $0 electricity bills with sonnenFlat! Launched in July 217, sonnenFlat enables homeowners who have an appropriately sized solar system and battery to get $0 electricity bills all year round!

Benefits of sonnenFlat

  • $0 electricity bills all year round!

  • $0 daily supply / network charges

  • No contracted terms

Why choose sonnen?

  • Largest solar battery manufacturer in the world with 40,000 batteries installed worldwide.

  • German engineering and manufactured batteries.

  • sonnenBatteries account for 23.1% of all solar batteries installed last year worldwide (the next largest was only 9%!)

Why choose the sonnenBatterie?

  • 10,000 cycles (2.7x more than most competitors!)

  • 20 year lifespan (~10 years longer than most competitors)

  • Available in Single Phase or Three Phase

  • Modular – 6kWh up to 16kWh of energy storage in a single cabinet!

Why Choose Natural Solar?

  • Fastest growing medium-sized compny, as awarded by bridgepoint and AFR #15.

  • Australia’s largest installer of solar batteries.

  • We have an Australia-wide installer network!

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sonnenFlat Tiers

There are a number of tiers within the sonnenFlat program.

sonnenFlat 8 sonnenFlat 10 sonnenFlat 12
Minimum Solar System Size (kWp) 5.0 kWp 7.5 kWp 10.0 kWp
sonnenBatterie eco 8 Size (kWh) 8kWh 10kWh 12kWh
Monthly Administration Fee $30 $40 $50
Annual spend $360 $480 $600
Annual Consumption Allowance in kWh 7500 10000 12500

What is sonnenFlat?

Get $0 electricity bills with sonnenFlat! Being officially launched 5th July 2017 in Sydney, Australia, sonnenFlat enables homeowners who have an appropriately sized solar system and battery to get $0 electricity bills!

Depending on the size of your solar system and sonnenBatterie Eco 8 (must be Eco 8 model), you get a set amount of free electricity per year! Meaning if you don’t go over that amount of electricity per year, you don’t pay a cent for your electricity bill!

sonnenFlat is the way that Aussie homeowners will be able to take back the power from the energy retailers who continue to increase prices year after year and soon, paying for electricity will be like having a mobile phone plan, with the monthly administration costs of the deal being only $30, $40 or $50 per month. Imagine paying only $360 a year for power! With sonnenFlat, that’s possible.

The sonnenBatterie
The sonnenBatterie

Steve Fenech (left) and the Ridey family (right) – happy Natural Solar customers standing proudly in front of their sonnenBatterie which allows them to take part in sonnenFlat.

sonnenFlat 10
Savings per year installing solar system, sonnenBatterie and credit from sonnenFlat $3,472
sonnenFlat 10 fee per year $480
Net savings per year $2,992
Net savings over 10 Years (assuming prices stay at 2017 levels!) $29,920

Want to be free from electricity bills? Get a quote for a sonnenBatterie Eco 8 with or without a solar system here or below!

The sonnenFlat concept is already in use in Germany, with about 60,000 customers taking advantage of this system.

How does sonnenFlat work?

So what’s the catch? In exchange for sonnen basically paying your electricity bills for you, you give sonnen access to your battery for helping with grid stabilisation services. For example, if there’s lots of power being exported into the grid from solar systems around the area, grid operators (not retailers) can at the click of a button, push some of that excess power into customers partaking in sonnenFlat whose batteries have spare capacity.

Looking at the Germany model for sonnenFlat, it works on a number of tiers, where the owners size of the solar system and the size of their battery energy storage determines the amount of free electricity the owner is entitled to. If a customer exceeds the amount based on their tier, then the owner starts to get charged only for electricity imported from the grid (not from power generated from your solar system and power utilised from your battery) at a rate significantly lower than standard retail electricity rates.

sonnenFlat Packages

Natural Solar is selling packages to enable owners to be eligible for a sonnenFlat Tier and are selling all sizes of the sonnenBatterie, both with and without solar panels. Whatever your needs, we can supply it and install it!

For those who do not already have a solar system, getting it installed at the same time as your battery is both a cost effective and efficient way of getting your system up and running at the lowest cost (bundle pricing, one installation team, etc.).

For those that do already have a solar system, you will get the most out of your system when you are able to take part in the sonnenFlat system, so if you already have an appropriately sized solar system, fantastic! If you don’t, we can add additional solar panels or replace your current panels with much more efficient panels.

sonnen Flat FAQs

The eligibility criteria for sonnenFlat are:

  1. Your solar system must be 5kWp or larger in size.
  2. Your solar battery must be the sonnenBatterie eco 8.8 (8th Generation, at least 8kWh). Earlier models are not compatible with sonnenFlat.
  3. You must be connected to the grid.
  4. You must work with Natural Solar after your installation to register on the sonnen website.

*Contest closes 31st May. Contest only open to customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide metro areas entered with correct details. Winner will be announced via our Facebook page on 31st May at 12pm AEST. For full terms and conditions, click here.

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