New solar panel has come out from SunPower. Jumps from 360 to 400w!

SunPower releases Maxeon® 3 Solar Panel at 400w, the most powerful residential solar panel in the world

The newly-released SunPower Maxeon® 3 Solar Panel has jumped from 360w to 400w
SunPower solar panels continue to deliver residential homeowners with even better power production and energy savings with the release of the SunPower Maxeon® 3 Solar Panel now at 400w.

A new era of solar panel energy has launched with the unveiling of the SunPower Maxeon® 3 Solar Panel now delivering 400w of power.

In an industry first, SunPower has released its A-Series, which will take residential solar energy production from 360w to a record-breaking 400w, making it the most powerful solar panels in Australia. Taking efficiency and energy output to new heights, this latest generation of SunPower PV modules are a strong addition to the existing SunPower range and herald the start of a bright new era in solar energy production for Australian households.

How will a SunPower Maxeon® 3 Solar Panel make a difference to my home?

It’s so much more efficient! A home fitted with the SunPower Maxeon┬« 3 Solar Panel is equipped with their signature solar cell technology and will now deliver more than 400 watts in its region, which means a stunning 60% more energy in the same amount of roof space over the first 25 years compared to a conventional solar power fit out.

More power from the SunPower Maxeon® 3 Solar Panel means bigger savings on energy
The SunPower Maxeon® 3 Solar Panels at 400w will now deliver more power and are more robust than anything else on the market.

How is the SunPower Maxeon® 3 Solar Panel better than other products?

The SunPower Maxeon┬« 3 Solar Panel features larger Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) solar cells, the highest efficiency solar products currently available on the market, with layers of copper and aluminium that extract electricity off the back of the cell but no grid lines or busbars (the thin strip of copper or aluminum between cells that conducts electricity) on the front. SunPower products are also incredibly durable, and virtually free from the corrosion and cracking that can destroy conventional solar panels. The panels also come with SunPower’s industry-leading 25-year Combined Power and Product Warranty.

As a SunPower premium partner, Natural Solar is delighted to welcome this product into its range and will provide more information around availability as it is received.

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