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There has been lots of chatter lately about the amazing Tesla Powerwall – but how about the Tesla Powerpack?

What exactly is it, you might ask?

Well, the Tesla Powerpack is essentially the big brother of the Tesla Powerwall, and it’s available as a commercial solution for businesses looking to embrace the solar revolution.

Essentially, the Powerpack allows its users to minimise peak demand charges, shift energy consumption profiles, and participate in available grid markets.

Tesla Energy offers solutions to utilities that are turn-key, fully integrated systems, designed for long life and to serve a wide array of applications, including peak shaving, microgrid support, backup power, and maximizing solar self consumption.

But what does this really mean, at the end of the day?

Well, like the residential Powerwall, the Powerpack allows you to make the most of the energy that is being produced by your solar panels during the day, and any excess energy will get stored in the batteries, ready for when you need it.

So you’ll have more consistent access to clean energy, allowing you to avoid peak power demand charges and giving you the option of buying additional energy when it’s at its cheapest, resulting in (drumroll, please) a dramatically reduced power bill.

This is huge for businesses, as not only does it help your bottom line, but it gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing your bit to contribute to protecting the environment, embracing a clean power option, and reducing your reliance on traditional grid energy.

The Tesla Powerpack has been welcomed by many major companies including Amazon and Target (check out our website to see case studies about these and other business that have made the switch), and it could make all the difference to yours.

To find out more about the Tesla Powerpack and how it could benefit your business, give us a call at Natural Solar on 1300 060 928 and one of our Senior Photovoltaic Engineers would be happy to walk you through all the details, from cost through to installation.

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