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Tesla Powerwall

What makes Tesla Powerwall the ideal battery storage for your Australian home

Tesla Powerwall is a wall or floor mountable battery pack that is intended for home or small business use. With installation inside or out, the Tesla Powerwall is a truly fantastic product. A 10 year warranty provided directly by Tesla Energy offers peace of mind and when paired with a solar system it enables the owner to take their ‘solar self-consumption’ to even higher levels!

The latest lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack –

(like our smartphone batteries) is designed to provide energy storage for homes or small businesses. Backup power enables owners to use their solar power, generated during the day, at night time and maximise their solar self-consumption. Alternatively, during overcast days or when your solar system is not producing energy at its highest rate the Powerwall will offer an extra boost.

The 13.2kWh Tesla Powerwall is specifically designed with the average Australian household or small business in mind, with the specific intended use and the ideal chemical lithium-ion composition for the Powerwall to be charged and discharged (cycled) on a daily basis.

Power your home with practically free solar power during the day –

with any excess power not being used in your home used to charge your Tesla Powerwall. Then use your Tesla Powerwall’s stored battery power at night time.

In most cases, the Tesla Powerwall will enable you to become almost completely energy independent from the grid, whilst still maintaining a connection to the grid, for those high energy usage days or when the weather isn’t optimal for solar power generation.

Tesla Powerwall is also proven to help save money on your energy bills combined with a solar PV system. Use the ‘quick’ quote’ system below to see how little a complete battery / solar system costs. If you already have a solar PV system we can add a battery to it. Let us tell you how.

More information on Tesla Powerwall can be found here.

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