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Natural Solar selected to join Tesla’s Premium Installer Program

Natural Solar and Tesla’s partnership goes all the way back to when Tesla first unveiled its Powerwall battery in 2015. Natural Solar installed one of Australia’s first Tesla Powerwalls and now it has been selected to join Tesla’s “Premium Installer Program”. Natural Solar are proud to support Tesla’s mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

The rise in popularity of solar energy has saturated the market with competition and many Australian homeowners are left struggling to decide which supplier to trust. Natural Solar was selected to be part of Tesla’s Premium Installer Program due to our exceptional customer service, quality installation and market scale. By choosing Natural Solar, customers are rewarded for choosing a reliable, trustworthy installer.

Natural Solar has always been, and always will be, customer first. This commendation from Tesla stems from the fact it has delivered customers the best bang for their buck and ensured stronger returns for their solar investment all while delivering an exceptional customer experience.  Being part of Tesla’s “Premium Installer” program is not an excuse to raise prices or cut corners, it is a sign of trust and reliability.

Throughout its ten-year lifespan, Natural Solar has a history of industry first “milestones” and in recent times the milestones have become more momentous than the last. Recently Natural Solar partnered with the Queensland Government to install Tesla Powerwalls in eighty new homes. A major step forward for raising the benchmark of energy efficiency within new homes across Australia.

Tesla Powerwalls are the future of the ‘smart home’, which is the idea a home’s energy system can be updated and improved just like a smartphone. In standard Tesla Style, Powerwalls will simply get better over time through ongoing software updates. For something that will last such a long time, it’s important homeowners choose who they trust to install. Tesla’s Premium Installer Program makes that decision easy.

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