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Tesla Powerwall Sydney

Natural Solar is a Sydney based Tesla Powerwall reseller and installer which has installed over 3,000 solar systems for residential and commercial customers throughout Australia.  We only offer the best quality products at affordable prices.  Natural Solar was founded to promote the installation of systems utilising and promoting the use of renewable energy throughout Sydney through the use of solar systems and home energy storage systems such as the Tesla Powerwall.

Sydney’s Main Tesla Powerwall Installation Company

Combining up to the day solar and battery storage knowledge and news, we deliver solar systems combined with Tesla Powerwall home battery systems that optimise and maximise your use of solar energy throughout the day and for years to come.  We’ve spent the time researching and developing our product offering and methods to ensure it is as efficient and effective whilst still being simple for you.  Our Sydney Tesla Powerwall authorised resellers are proactive in finding out and understanding your current energy needs and habits to enable us to tailor the perfect system to meet your power needs.

New Build? No Problem.

At Natural Solar, we are able to design a Tesla Powerwall and Solar System which will fit your new home’s roof and are happy to provide a complimentary pre-wire service where we will come out to your property during the building phase and run the required cabling for both the Tesla Powerwall, the SolarEdge StorEdge / Fronius Symo Hybrid / SMA Sunny Boy Storage inverter and the Tier 1 Phono Solar Panels wiring before the walls are sealed up to ensure a perfectly neat installation without any external conduit (piping which electrical cabling sits in).  Usually this costs $1000+ on top of the system cost as it requires our installation teams to do a double visit and spend two days doing an install instead of one.

Why choose Natural Solar to install a Tesla Powerwall and Solar System on your Sydney home?

  • Experienced – We have helped over 1000 Sydney residents go solar.
  • Warranty – Natural Solar offers an industry-leading 12 year warranty
  • Great reputation – We’re ranked #1 of over 200 solar companies in Australia on AustralianSolarQuotes.com.au
  • Quality Products – We only install quality products.  What’s the point in us installing bottom-line cheap products if we are going to have to come out and replace it each couple years at a loss?  Install once + install quality = everyone wins.
  • Affordable – We specialise in keeping costs down while still using only Tier 1 quality products to provide quality systems
  • Great Support – Our friendly and experienced technical team are located in Sydney to be able to assist you with any of your questions or issues.

It has been a HUGE year for Sydney based solar and Tesla Powerwall installation company Natural Solar, and we are bursting with energy and excitement.

Our team are thrilled to have installed our very first Tesla Powerwall in the home of Nick Pfitzner, in Sydney’s Kellyville Ridge, Sydney, NSW, marking the official start of an important new chapter for Natural Solar, as well as solar energy in Australia.

Pfitzner had been thinking making the shift to solar for a long time, but held back until now for a variety of reasons.

“I’d been considering solar for years but realised the limitations of [the systems previously only functioning during] daylight,” he says. “I knew there were battery systems out there but none of them really appealed in terms of cost or size or how they had to be stored.”

This all changed last year when Tesla Energy announced their plans to enter the home battery market with the Tesla Powerwall.

“I’d been following Tesla for quite a long time, since the roadster days, so when they announced they were going to release a home battery system, it really got my interest,” Pfitzner says. “I knew it would be pretty but also really functional.”

The imminent availability of the Tesla Powerwall, combined with a financial windfall and a move into a larger home were all factors in convincing Pfitzner to finally go solar. His new home has five bedrooms, plus a pool and ducted air-conditioning, so the electrical needs are high.

“The first bill we got in the new house was so high, it was a bit of a shock,” he says. “I spent money putting LED lights in everywhere and limiting the damage as much as I could, but I wanted to look at not just limiting cost but eliminating it by going solar.”

Despite the upfront outlay of installing a full new solar system with Tesla Powerwall, Pfitzner is confident he will pay off his solar investment in a few short years.

“I did the ROI (return on investment) and estimate that, based on today’s prices, it will take me eight years to pay off this new system,” he says. “But if prices jump by 5%, it will take me less than seven years. If prices go up by 10%, it will be even quicker.”

Once he decided to go solar, Pfitzner contacted Natural Solar to get the ball rolling.

“I was really impressed that the first person I spoke to was an engineer,” says Pfitzner . “That was big for me because I’m in IT so I really appreciate getting the technical lowdown with no sales pitch or any other rubbish. Knowing that the person on the end of the phone knew what they were talking about, and wasn’t going to make promises they couldn’t deliver, was a big plus.”

The positive experience continued throughout the process, right up to the final installation.

“They kept me updated, step by step, on what they were doing and what each bit of equipment was for,” he says. “The boys were all really friendly and polite – and they were all VERY excited about doing the first installation. Overall it all went really well.”

Natural Solar – Sydney (Head Office)

Building 1, Suite 3, Level 3, 3 Richardson Place
Sydney, North Ryde NSW 2113
Phone: 1300 060 928

The Pfitzner Family, happy and proud owners of the first Tesla Powerwall installation in Australia, installed by Natural Solar in Kellyville Ridge, Sydney, NSW.

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