Developer utilises solar and battery solutions to save residents thousands

A large multi-site development in Lake Macquarie’s Warners Bay and Mark’s Point will become the first in the region to utilise home energy storage solutions and save residents tens of thousands of dollars in electricity charges per year.

Provided by Australia’s largest and leading solar and battery provider Natural Solar, the solar and battery solution in the Nimble Property development will see each of the 16 new homes with 5.13kWp of solar panels and a 7.5kWh sonnenBatterie.

This will allow residents to access the sonnenFlat energy plan for a flat rate of $30 a month plus GST instead of a standard electricity bill.

The development is expected to collectively save the residents more than $32,000 each year on the price of power with the systems paying themselves off in six years.

These are the first of many new developments in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region from Nimble Property which has entered into a strategic partnership with Natural Solar.

“The Newcastle area has historically had a strong demand and high consumer uptake for solar and battery storage solutions, and in the past 12 months alone enquiries within the region have increased by 300 per cent,” says Chris Williams, CEO & Founder of Natural Solar.

“We can also see residents in the Newcastle area are purchasing an average of 6KWp sized solar systems compared to the average size of a 5.3KWp system for a Sydney-home.

“This shows us there is a regional interest in savings, but also people are taking advantage of increased roof space in the Newcastle area.

“For those with larger solar systems that produce more power, battery storage is an attractive option, allowing homeowners to store the power produced from their solar panels and use at a time that is suited to the needs of their home.”

Each of the sonnenBatteries has a 20-year lifespan which means a saving of more than $48,000 for each homeowner across that period – and that’s not taking into account the inevitable increase in energy prices of up to 20 per cent year on year.

Both of the developments include efficiently designed terrace-style home with 2-3 bedrooms, an enclosed garage, high-rated insulation and premium appliances.

“This development will appeal to young families and downsizers who are seeking affordability in their home purchasing decisions, but are also making a lifestyle choice,” says Kurtis McConkey, CEO & Founder of Nimble Property.

“They are searching for stylishly built homes that are tech savvy, but also offer a great lifestyle including access to waterfront reserves, shops, transport, schools, hospitals and parks.

“Moving towards greener and more energy efficient housing is the future for Australians, and we firmly believe green developments should be mandated for all new developments in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region.

“Including battery storage in these two developments is just the tip of the iceberg for what a battery powered all electric future could look like all without any compromise on modern convenience.

“We hope that these developments will set a benchmark and showcase what can be achieved with sustainable energy efficient developments, all whilst providing the occupants some certainty in their energy bills.”

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