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For many Victoria (VIC) residents who are considering adding battery power to their home and looking for clean and affordable energy, government subsidies and battery rebates are a hot topic and area of interest. While solar rebates in VIC have long since been a priority for the Government, the move to smart battery programs is a new frontier for renewables in Australia.

By adding a solar battery to your home, not only will you have the opportunity to save money on your household or business energy bills, you will also support to improve energy security for your entire community by storing power produced by solar panels and being less reliant on the grid to draw your power.

When it comes to battery rebates and Government battery subsidies in Victoria, the future is looking bright for the state, with the Victorian Labor government set to provide subsidies of up to $5,000 to help 10,000 households across the state install battery storage in their homes.

This adds to the suite of household energy incentives across the state including rebates and zero interest loans for rooftop solar and a package for solar hot water systems.

How the Victoria Battery Subsidies will work

With energy bills rising 20% year on year, the VIC Labor Government have created a program for residents across the state to make solar and battery storage solutions more widely accessible and affordable as a result of this highly anticipated battery rebate.

The battery storage subsidy will provide $40 million to assist 10,000 homes across the state. Funded by the Victoria Labour government, the subsidies will depend on the size of the battery, with some homeowners eligible to receive up to $4,838.

Battery storage assistance rebates will be available only to those with existing rooftop solar systems and with an annual household income of less than $180,000.

sonnenBatterie solar battery system

The government says this will save households with an average 11kWh battery around $650 per year on their electricity bills in addition to the savings they are already making based on their solar panels and power production.

Power sharing will also be a big driver and benefit for recipients of the battery rebate, allowing batteries to communicate with each other in the form of a virtual power plant or micro-grid. This will enable households to share their stored power, offering a unique opportunity to lower electricity prices even further.

This scheme is dependent on Labor being re-elected at the state poll in November 2018, and will be instrumental in allowing more people in Victoria to access the benefits of battery power.

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