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Latest News for NSW Solar Battery Owners:

A new $50 million smart energy program revealed by the NSW Government will utilise home battery storage technologies in NSW homes and businesses to create a virtual power plant with a demand response capability of 200 megawatts, in order to support the grid during peak demand. This will ensure all NSW residents have access to energy when they need it most, on the hottest summer days, for example. By simply feeding their energy into the grid, NSW battery storage owners who participate in the scheme will be rewarded with an NSW Government incentive of up to $1,000 over a three-year period.

Commended by John Grimes, Smart Energy Council CEO, as a smart program with interests of the community, he said, “There is massive community interest in battery storage and this policy will be a significant boost to the solar and storage industry.”

Natural Solar not only offers the highest quality home solar storage products but can ensure they are ready to contribute to a virtual power plant if required. To find out more, enquire now with our experienced team by calling 1300 060 928, or by filling out the at the bottom of this page. More information will be provided as it is made available about the initiative.

NSW Government’s Program to Deliver Clean and Affordable Energy

For many New South Wales residents who are considering adding solar battery power to their home and looking for clean and affordable energy, government subsidies and battery rebates are a hot topic and area of interest. While solar rebates in NSW have long since been a priority for the Government, the move to smart battery programs is a new frontier for renewables in Australia.

By adding a solar battery to your home, not only will you have the opportunity to save money on your household or business energy bills, you will also be improving energy security for your entire community. Also, by storing power produced by solar panels, you can be less reliant on the grid to draw your power.

When it comes to NSW battery rebates and government battery subsidies, there are a number of options available for households and businesses based on your location and requirements.

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Regional Community Energy

With energy bills rising 20% year on year, and regional areas seeing higher energy costs than metropolitan areas and bigger cities, the NSW Government have created a program for regional households and small businesses to manage and reduce their energy costs.

There are a number of battery rebates and subsidies available in regional areas including:

  • Grants for community energy projects that benefit the local community.
  • Funding for up to five community energy hubs that improve household and small business access to expert energy advice or initiatives and help reduce bills.
  • Funding for regional and remote communities to install emergency backup battery systems for key community evacuation locations, which will also reduce ongoing running costs.

If you’re interested in finding out more about NSW regional community energy initiatives, and how this might apply to your community, town or location, read more here or contact our team using the form below.

Smart Batteries for Key Government Buildings

It’s an exciting time for battery power in NSW with energy minister Don Harwin recently announcing government plans to buy up to 900 smart battery systems with a total of 13MW capacity to install alongside rooftop solar on the state’s schools and hospitals.

This $20 million program has been designed to maximise the use of solar power systems installed in key government buildings in NSW with the addition of smart batteries.

Large government buildings are expected to save up to $40,000 each year on electricity bills when combined with a solar power system, while also combining with other solar systems to contribute to grid stability and reliability in peak events and energy emergencies.

For more information about smart batteries for key government buildings, please follow this link.

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Additional NSW Energy Rebate Programs

  • Emerging Energy Program: Designed to encourage private investment to support the next generation of large-scale energy and battery storage projects in NSW.
  • Solar for Low-Income Households: A trial program to provide the opportunity for low-income households in NSW to reduce their electricity bill through rooftop solar. Up to 3,400 households who are eligible for this solar program can choose to forgo their rebate and receive a free 2.5kW solar system. This program will allow households to generate and use solar electricity in their home, with the potential to save more than $600 each year on electricity bills, which is more than double what they would receive from the solar rebate.

There’s no doubt that the future is bright for renewable energy and battery storage with the NSW Government supporting a number of solar power subsidy programs and solar battery rebates. For more information, please call our knowledgeable team on 1300 060 928 or fill out the contact form below.

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