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Natural Solar installed the world’s very first Tesla Powerwall in January of 2016 in Sydney which was a defining moment in Australia’s solar battery boom. Since then, Natural Solar has installed over 12,000 Solar Batteries Australia-wide and is the largest installer of solar batteries in Australia, making us the natural choice for home solar and battery needs to Australian households.


How this landmark piece of technology has stacked up over time

Australia's Leading Solar Company.

Natural Solar is Australia’s largest installer of solar batteries.
We installed the very first Tesla Powerwall in Australia.
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As Seen on Channel 7 News

Queensland Government in
partnership with Natural Solar
announces landmark deal with
Tesla Powerwall home solar

A first for Queensland! As the preferred solar & battery supplier of
Economic Development Queensland’s, Oxley Songbird housing
Development, Natural Solar Australia’s largest installer of solar batteries,
is delighted to be delivering this sensational Tesla Powerwall and solar
solution to homeowners

Sunpower Maxeon 6 Maximises Every Moment of Sunlight

NEW SunPower Maxeon 6 425w with in built iQ7A Enphase Micro Inverter – 40 Year Warranty The world’s best solar panel just got even better, now with record breaking 40-year warranty!

Enphase Microinverter and Battery

What is a microinverter? It’s a good question. If you already have solar panels you probably know that a solar inverter is a necessary part of the system.

About Natural Solar

Natural Solar is the leading and largest Australian installer of battery power, and a true authority on Australia’s renewable energy industry.

Founded in 2012 by CEO Chris Williams, Natural Solar has installed some of the most high profile solar and battery installations worldwide including Australia’s first Tesla Powerwall and first sonnenFlat solution. Natural Solar has a reputation and expertise in developing bespoke energy storage solutions to suit the residential, commercial and development markets and is proud to work with State and Federal Government bodies to deliver solar and battery solutions to the Australian public.

Natural Solar has focused on targeting Australian markets with a desire to adopt this new technology, as well as an inherent need, with high power prices and low export tariffs.

Natural Solar is committed to forging global partnerships with premium products on the market. A strength for launching new products to Australians, Natural Solar use their expertise and authority to properly educate the Australian public on the opportunities available in the energy storage sphere. The growth of Natural Solar as both a company and industry leader has been publicly recognised, with Natural Solar awarded the Bridgepoint Award for Australia’s Fastest Growing company (2018), achieving #15 on the AFR Fast 100 for two consecutive years (2017 & 2018), rated Top Solar Supplier in Australia three times on ProductReview (2018, 2020 and 2023) and shortlisted for a Telstra Business Award (2018 & 2019).


Get $0 electricity bills with sonnenFlat! Officially launched 5th July 2017 in Sydney, sonnenFlat enables homeowners who have an appropriately sized solar system and battery to get $0 electricity bills!

Depending on the size of your solar system and sonnenBatterie Eco 8 (must be Eco 8 model), you get a set amount of free electricity per year! Meaning if you don’t go over that amount of electricity per year, you don’t pay a cent for your electricity bill!

sonnenFlat is the way that Aussie homeowners will be able to take back the power from the energy retailers who continue to increase prices year after year and soon, paying for electricity will be like having a mobile phone plan, with the monthly administration costs of the deal being only $49, $59 or $69 per month. Imagine paying only $588 a year for power! With sonnenFlat, that’s possible.

Our vision - The Home of the Future

Accelerate the evolution of the Solar + Battery equation into a fully integrated Energy Management Solution, where the customer
has unprecedented control of the Green Energy Generated and Stored EV Charging.

Heartbeat IoT Energy Manager

Taking control of your energy costs and climate emissions is now only a heartbeat away. 1KOMMA5 is introducing Heartbeat to Australia, a technology which allows you to capture the full potential of your rooftop solar system and maximise efficiency and savings.


Maximise your solar savings by storing excess daytime solar production. Access Virtual Power Plants. Increase energy security with home Blackout Protection

Micro Inverter

Micro Inverter technology is
a smarter, safer and more efficient way of producing solar energy in
your home

Solar Panels

No home energy system is
complete without solar panels. Maximise your home’s solar production with high performance panels, backed by an industry
leading 40 year warranty

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the perfect pairing with residential solar and battery systems.

EV Charger

The combination of rooftop solar, home battery and an EV is a proven tool of decarbonisation, not only does it send a signal throughout the wider energy and transport sectors, but the three-punch combo significantly contributes to the reduction of your own carbon footprint, and the cheap cost per km isn’t a bad bonus either.

Natural Solar installs
world’s largest commercial 10x Tesla Powerwall 2 array
for Domino’s

Customers can now look forward to ordering battery powered pizza from
the Dominos Plumpton store! Read the story here.


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Storage Solutions as seen
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