Top 5 Benefits of Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall is an innovative solar battery which can be installed alongside a solar panel system to power your home anytime, and all the time.

Installing a solar battery is a bright option for Australian homeowners looking to store surplus energy generated by their solar panels, and Tesla Powerwall is the brightest of them all.

Natural Solar understands choosing solar options can be complicated, which is why we’ve put together five benefits for installing Tesla Powerwall to make the choice crystal clear.

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What is Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla doesn’t just make electric cars, it’s also an industry leader in designing renewable energy solutions for homes. Tesla Powerwall is a battery for your home, and it stores excess energy produced by solar panels allowing homeowners to consume solar energy at night. Imagine there is a blackout in your neighbourhood, this wouldn’t affect your household because you have stored energy.

Not only are Tesla Powerwall’s innovative but they are smart too, with each battery using Tesla’s world leading software to recognise when it needs to recharge or when to start fuelling your home. Homeowners can also monitor their battery’s storage level, check solar power production, and even update their battery’s software all through Tesla’s app.

Tesla Powerwall can store up to 13.5kWh of usable energy – that is equivalent to fully charging your iPhone over 700 times.

Here’s the five most convincing benefits for why Australian homeowners should install a Tesla Powerwall in their home.

1. Energy independence

For years Australian homeowners have been at the mercy of energy suppliers who
raise or lower their rates at the drop of a hat. By installing a solar system,
alongside a Tesla Powerwall, homeowners can be relieved with freedom from the
grid. No more nasty bills in the mail, less time worrying about energy

Essential Load Backup Setup

2. Energy Security

In the case of a grid outage, a Powerwall can detect the blackout within moments and restore power to your home. The battery can perform this at a speed over 100x faster than a typical conventional emergency generator.

3. Less money in Big Energy’s pocket, more in yours.

The first Tesla Powerwall battery system installed in Australia recorded a
remarkable 90% + saving on power bills. However, savings from a solar system
aren’t instantaneous and homeowners must consider there will be a few years
before their system pays for itself.

4. As simple as pressing a button.

A Tesla Powerwall can be controlled via the Tesla mobile app in real-time from anywhere in the world. From within the app, homeowners can choose multiple modes for their batteries which include:

Self-powered. On self-powered mode, a Tesla Powerwall stores surplus energy from solar panels for energy consumption at night.

Backup-power. With backup-power mode, your Powerwall conserves its energy in the case of an outage.

Time-based control. On this setting you can decide when your Powerwall fuels your home, meaning homeowners can dodge expensive energy rates for certain expensive hours, saving money on power bills.

Storm alert. Under the storm alert mode, the Powerwall will link up to the National Weather Service and save its power for expected severe weather.

Preconditioning. Because batteries normally are harder to charge in cold weather, during winter, you can set the Powerwall to preconditioning. This style will warm up the Powerwall making it store additional energy.

5. Join the Clean Energy Movement

By switching to renewable energy and becoming less reliant on fossil-fuel
derived power, you are lessening your carbon footprint and joining the curve for
a greener future. Sustainable features in a home are becoming the latest à la
mode design aspect and will add value to your home if you intend to sell it down
the line.

Where to find a Tesla Powerwall?
Look no further!

At this current time in the market, the best option is the Tesla Powerwall, however, installation is vital to ensuring your battery operates at maximum capacity which is why it must be installed by a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, like Natural Solar. Natural Solar abides by the strict installation and quality assurance guidelines as outlined by Tesla.

Contact Natural Solar expert Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers today!

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