Solar Packages and Special Offers

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Solar Packages and Special Offers

Looking for a deal on a solar system? At Natural Solar, we’re cheaper than the competitors, while providing a superior level of customer service, and providing the same, if not better products.

We don’t sell the cheapest systems we can, because we care about quality. We’re not going to sell you some Tier 2 solar panel and an inverter which is likely not going to last more than 5 years.

We’re going to sell you a system which will stand the test of time. Our solar panels are all Tier 1 (Q-Cells and SunPower), our inverters are The inverter brands to buy if you want quality (Fronius and SolarEdge) and the battery we install is the Tesla Powerwall 2 with a whopping 13.5kWh of energy storage.


For a limited time, free upgrade from 6 to 7.3kw SolarEdge inverter when purchasing Tesla Powerwall 2.


Free prewire for 5kw+ systems when also purchasing a Tesla Powerwall 2.