In a world first, Aussies can now have battery powered pizza, with one Domino’s franchise in Sydney‘s West now delivering pizza made using battery power direct to customer’s homes, due to their installation of ten Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries by Natural Solar; the largest commercial Tesla Powerwall installation in the world.

Chris Williams, CEO and Founder of Natural Solar said the Company was proud to have worked on the largest commercial Tesla Powerwall installation in the world.

“Aussies can be assured that when they are biting into a piece of pizza from Domino’s Plumpton, it was cooked using battery power,” said Mr Williams. “We are excited Domino’s has jumped on the battery bandwagon, and are looking forward to seeing more Domino’s Franchises across Australia begin making their own ‘Tesla Powerwall 2 pizzas’.”

Domino’s Plumpton is the first store in Australia to opt into a renewable energy storage solution, having ten functional Tesla Powerwall 2 units installed which power all appliances including ovens, refrigerators, freezers and lights.

08/08/2017. Tesla Powerwall installation at Dominos pizza franchise in Plumpton in Sydney's Western suburbs, the first installation of its kind. Pic - Britta Campion

The system, which is already functioning, includes 10 Tesla Powerwall 2 units and can store 135kWh in power, which over the course of a year, is enough to cook more than 90,000 pizzas and 27,000 loaves of garlic bread.

The newly installed Powerwall 2 system at Domino’s Plumpton will allow the store to charge their 10 batteries from the grid overnight when the store is not in use. This allows the store to use this extra 135kWh of power during the day, without having to change the infrastructure of the grid, allowing the store to meet high-demand for hot fresh pizzas.

“We are seeing more and more businesses Australia-wide looking for ways to add renewable energy solutions, including battery power, to their operations. In the past 12 months, commercial enquiries for Natural Solar increased by more than 1000%. We are only expecting this to grow as the battery storage revolution continues to take hold,” says Mr Williams.

Domino’s CEO Australia/New Zealand Nick Knight said the Company was pleased with the innovative approach used in the new store.

“Partnering with another Australian company Natural Solar, it excites me to see Domino’s stores and Franchisees leap at the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and technology to support the everyday running of their stores and businesses.

“We are testing the initiative and if all goes well, we look forward to seeing more Franchisees consider renewable energy solutions in order to power their stores!”

“There is no doubt that customers who order their pizza from Domino’s Plumpton are supporting the future of renewable energy and battery power in Australia. At Natural Solar we are looking forward to the sweet taste of battery powered pizza from many more stores around the country,” concluded Mr Williams.

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About Natural Solar
Natural Solar is Australia’s largest and leading national solar and home battery installer. Founded in 2012, Natural Solar offers a range of energy storage solutions. A leading authority on the Australian renewable energy industry, Natural Solar installs both residential and commercial solar and battery solutions.

About Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited
Domino’s Pizza Enterprises was Australia’s first publicly-listed pizza company and is the master franchisor for the Domino’s brand in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan and Germany. Across these seven markets, DPE and its franchisees operate over 2,000 stores.

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