Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

The next evolution in home energy storage is here! The second generation of Tesla Powerwall (still referred to as Tesla Powerwall or just Powerwall) is Tesla’s newest home solar battery.  Installs have already begun!

What makes this solar battery so significant? Tesla Powerwall 2 has an incredible 13.5kWh of battery storage, double that of its predecessor, in a smaller unit!

The solar battery stores your excess solar power and/or cheap off peak power from the grid to allow you to supply your home with cheap, environmentally friendly power during the night and early hours of the morning.  In other words, it’s purely designed to save you money.

Tesla Powerwall is a battery primarily designed to store power generated from solar panels. When it’s needed it will feed the stored energy into your home, so it’s perfect for night-time, power blackouts or even when it’s cloudy and your solar system is not performing to maximum capacity.

Tesla Powerwall supports:

  • Maximised solar self-consumption – Utilise your solar generation to its fullest to reduce your bills significantly. Only export power to the grid when home loads are covered and the battery is fully charged for night time use.  Use solar generated power all day and all night!
  • Time of use load shifting – Use your power at night to save even more money!
  • Back-up power functionality – Blackouts and brownouts, are a thing of the past.  Never be without power!
  • Employment in ‘Off-Grid’ Solutions – Perfect battery for use in solar single phase off-grid solutions!

In the event of a blackout, Powerwall will feed the power stored in the battery back into the home until it’s depleted.  When paired with an appropriately sized solar system, there should be enough charge in the battery to get you through the blackout until the morning.  No more food going to waste as the refrigerator stays on!

For those who get semi-frequent brownouts, with the addition of the Tesla Powerwall Backup Gateway, your solar system will still operate during a brownout, providing power to the home loads first, then storing any excess in the solar battery with any shortfalls in power required by the home not being generated by the solar system being covered by the battery itself!

Boasting a generous 10 year warranty, Tesla Powerwall home battery has been designed and the warranty set out for the battery to be cycled daily (the process of charging and discharging) and with its generous 13.5kWh of battery storage has enough energy storage capacity to power a typical family home* with a little left over. Homeowners can virtually go off-grid, paying mere peanuts to their energy retailers for the little power, if any, which might be required. With a single Powerwall, you could power a typical two bedroom home for the entire day*, free from grid power, utilising your own environmentally friendly power.

Tesla solar battery is available as an AC-coupled unit with its own battery inverter.

What this means for homes without solar – You don’t need to purchase an expensive hybrid solar and battery inverter. You are able to choose any inverter you like. Power optimisers, micro inverters or standard inverters (we sell them all too!).

What this means for homes with existing solar – You don’t need to throw out your existing inverter and have it replaced to take advantage Tesla Powerwall. Even better, you can add additional solar at any time and this will still be able to flow into Tesla Powerwall before any energy is exported to the grid.

It’s also sleek, compact and stackable (up to 10 units), can be floor or wall mounted, indoors or outdoors. Finally, it can be added to an existing solar system as a ‘retrofit’ unit or as part of a brand new solar system and battery combination.

*Based on data from the Australian Bureau of statistics, 2014. Avg National household uses 5,817kWh per year. Using trend of energy use reduction of 12.5% per year, average daily use in 2016 is 12kWh per day.

08/08/2017. Tesla Powerwall installation at Dominos pizza franchise in Plumpton in Sydney’s Western suburbs, the first installation of its kind. Pic – Britta Campion

The second generation of Tesla Powerwall is the most affordable home battery in terms of cost per kWh. Powerwall economically meets the daily needs of the average family household.

It has a long life due to its liquid thermal control system regulating Powerwall’s internal temperature to maximise battery performance in even the harshest Australian climates.

To top it off, it also has in integrated internal inverter to convert DC energy to AC energy which is what your household runs on, which lowers the cost of installation and complexity of installation.

Why choose the Tesla Powerwall?

  • It is weather-proof (can be installed inside or outside)
  • It takes up less space than other home battery systems
  • It requires no maintenance

Why choose Natural Solar for your solar and battery storage needs?

    • We install Australia-wide!
    • Rated #1 Solar and Battery Installer out of 3789 competitors on AustralianSolarQuotes.com.au

What makes Tesla Powerwall the ideal battery storage for your Australian home?

Australia has one of the highest electricity prices in the world, and it’s increasing at a steady pace too. We have an abundance of sunshine too, which makes Tesla Powerwall a no brainer for both homes and small businesses.

Powerwall 2 is built with Australia in mind to combat this. It meets and exceeds all safety requirements for Australian lithium-ion solar power batteries, meaning it can be installed anywhere across Australia.

The 13.5kWh solar battery is specifically designed with the average Australian household or small business in mind, with the specific intended use and the ideal chemical lithium-ion composition for the battery to be charged and discharged (cycled) on a daily basis.

First year of Powerwall = 92% saving – Nick Pfitzner story

In 2016, the year the first Powerwall launched, Nick Pfitzner installed a Tesla Powerwall at his home. This was the very first Powerwall to be installed in Australia and one year on the verdict is in. The testimonies below were both featured on the Sunrise TV program and clearly demonstrate how much can be saved with the home battery. Natural Solar are proud to have installed this Powerwall and are keen for others to learn of Nick’s positive experiences.

The first Tesla Powerwall installation in Australia

The Pfitzner Family, proud owners of the first Tesla Powerwall in Australia. Installed in 2016 by Natural Solar.

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