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Solar Battery Storage

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery is a storage device which gets charged using energy generated by solar panels. This stored electricity can then be used during low energy production times, when there are often high energy needs (e.g. early in the morning and throughout the evening). The batteries are typically lithium-ion phosphate (LiFoP4) or lead-acid.

A typical solar power system without solar storage, includes solar panels, an inverter, and a performance monitoring device which tracks electricity production. The solar panels collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity, which goes through the inverter and is converted into usable power for your home.

Most residential solar power systems are “grid-tied” (connected to the main electricity grid). When more electricity is produced by your solar panels than your home needs, the excess is fed back into the power grid. When you need more electricity than what your solar panels are producing, you can draw power from the electricity mains grid.

In a typical case, you will receive credit on your energy bill from your energy retailer for the electricity you send back to the grid. Whilst this may seem great, the credit you actually receive is much lower than what it costs to buy it back when your home needs more electricity than what your solar panels are producing. A more cost-effective method is to store this excess energy in a home solar battery. Not only does this mean you can save yourself from buying back more expensive electricity unnecessarily, but you are also reducing your dependency on the grid.

How do solar batteries work?

Solar batteries convert the DC (Direct Current) energy from your solar panels and store it as AC (Alternating Current) power for later use. In some cases, such as the sonnenBatterie, solar panel batteries have their own inverter and can therefore convert the energy without the requirement of additional components. These are referred to as AC batteries, which are generally compatible with all solar systems. A new wave of technology within the battery industry has also created a DC hybrid battery type. This is an all in one battery unit which will not only manage the battery but can also have the solar PV directly fed into the Hybrid battery unit, meaning a typical solar inverter may not be required.

The amount of solar energy that can be stored depends on the solar battery’s capacity and also the depth of discharge (DOD). For example, a 10kWh battery with 90% DOD will have 9kWh of usable capacity. A 10kWh battery with 100% depth of discharge will have 10kWh of usable capacity.

Installing a battery storage as part of your solar power system allows you to store the excess energy, rather than sending it back to the main grid. The excess electricity produced by your solar panels goes
towards charging your battery. At the times your solar panels aren’t producing any electricity, you can use the energy stored in the solar battery earlier. Electricity is only sent back to the grid when your
battery is fully charged, and you’ll only draw from the grid when your battery energy is depleted.

One of the best ways to utilise a solar battery system is to charge up the battery during peak solar times and then use the stored electricity when the sun is down. This enables you to use the stored electricity during high tariff times (early morning and evening), which helps to reduce energy bills significantly. See the diagram below for a visual representation.

Advantages of solar batteries

  • Cheaper bills –Not only do you reduce your mains grid electricity consumption, but you can also feed off your battery bank during “peak times” and instead draw from the grid during non-peak hours if needed.
  • Makes you less dependent on the grid and more self-sufficient.
  • Some batteries can provide protection against blackouts, such as the major powercuts seen in South Australia.
  • Your carbon footprint is reduced by lowering reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Protecting your solar investment – if utility rules or rates change, it can be to a homeowner’s disadvantage. A battery backup can help protect your upfront investment from such changes.
  • Adding asset value to your property.

Why do I need a solar battery?

You could reduce your mains grid electricity consumption by 80% with a solar system plus battery storage. Please note however, that this is based on standard installation in Sydney.

You will need to get an individual assessment carried out to determine estimated savings based on your personal circumstances. Contact our
experienced team at Natural Solar to arrange a call to discuss how you can save money with solar. Call us on 1300 060 928 or fill out the contact form on this page and we’ll help you out with any questions.

Which battery is best for solar storage?

The home battery system that sparked the current storage revolution was the Tesla Powerwall, which Natural Solar was the first in the world to install! Now German manufacturer, sonnen, is taking it to the next level with its sonnenBatterie.

We recommend the powerful and high-tech sonnenBatterie Eco 8, designed and engineered in Germany. It is the clean,
reliable and affordable energy storage solution for your home which will save you money with its remarkable list of
features. Every household has its own very specific energy needs and the sonnenBatterie caters to all, with multiple solar battery options, ranging from 4kWh to 16kWh.

The sonnenBatterie has an expected design life of 20 years. It also boasts an incredible warranty – 10 years or 10,000 cycles, whichever comes first, before your battery total storage capacity starts to

10,000 cycles is huge for a battery’s return on investment. 10,000 cycles is 2.7x more cycles than other competing batteries. What does this mean for you and your electricity bill? You can fully charge and fully discharge your battery 2.7 times PER DAY for 10 years straight.

Natural Solar is the largest installer of the sonnenBatterie Eco 8 in
Australia. We have developed a strong record of providing great service at every turn and for providing incredible sonnen solar battery packs to our customers. Call 1300 060 928 or use the contact form below to get a solar battery price.

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Natural Solar is Australia’s leading provider of energy storage and solar battery pack systems. Operating since 2008, our expertise and experience has given us a keen sense of our clients’ needs and how best to meet them. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, or anywhere in between, we can help you get the right solar energy solution. Get in touch with the team to get your solar advice and start with a quote.

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