The unstoppable force of Reposit Power

Indulge us for a moment while we go on a brief flight of fancy…

Imagine you’ve just had a fabulous new solar system installed in your home with all the bells and whistles including a beautiful Tesla Powerwall, which is guaranteed to make you the envy of your neighbourhood.

Now imagine that your system comes with a tiny but very clever little engineer who lives inside your system holding a watch and a calculator. He monitors the energy input and output of your system at all times, and makes smart decisions for you about when you should store, use or sell your solar energy back to the grid to get the maximum return.

Okay, enough imagining!

Sadly there is no way to install a little man inside your system… but the good news is that you can include Reposit Power software in your solar system, which is just as good. In fact, it’s even better.

Reposit Power is an Australian-grown start-up company that has created an incredible software package that makes it possible for you to monitor exactly what is happening inside your solar system and, more importantly, to sell power back to your energy retailer so that you get a whopping $1/kWh (rather than the market standard of up to $0.08/kWh).

“Australia is leading the world in this area,” says Reposit Power Co-Founder Dean Spaccavento. “With our software you have the smartest, most cost-effective batteries and customers are proactively contributing to a cleaner energy future.”

Natural Solar is thrilled to be pairing up with Reposit Power to offer our customers this amazing, unique software. It really is the perfect inclusion in your solar package because it is guaranteed to save you money.

Even better, it will totally pay itself off within 18 months, so it won’t be long before your Reposit Power-enabled system is actually making you money. For real.

To find out more about pairing Reposit Power software with the Tesla Powerwall in your solar energy system, feel free to give one of our engineers a call any time on 1300 060 928 and if you haven’t grabbed a quote for the Tesla Powerwall yet from our instant online quoting system, you can do so here!

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By ChrisWilliams | February 10th, 2016 | Categories: Tesla Energy Powerwall

These costs are based on the SA Power network in Adelaide but prices may vary depending on your circumstances. This comparison assumes a general energy usage of 4000kWh/year for a residential customer on Energy Locals Time of Use Tariff – (TOU – Peak, Off-Peak & Solar Sponge).

The reference price is set by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) for a financial year in relation to electricity supply to residential customers in the distribution region and is based on an assumed annual usage amount. Any difference between the reference price and the unconditional price of a plan is expressed as a percentage more or less than the reference price. The terms of any conditional discounts are shown, along with any further difference between the reference price and the discount applied if a condition is met, expressed as a percentage more or less than the reference price.