One of the First Tesla Energy Powerwall Installers in Australia Announced

Australian solar company, Natural Solar will be at the forefront of the Australian movement towards battery power, with the official announcement they will be one of the first installers of the Tesla Energy Powerwall in its latest 5kWp offering to the Australian market.

It is expected the first home installations of the Tesla Energy Powerwall will take place in January 2015 with the initial shipment due to depart shortly form the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada USA.

With an influx of enquiries from Australian consumers since Tesla first announced the Powerwall earlier this year, demand for this new frontier in renewable energy is already high..

Natural Solar managing director Chris Williams said being a Tesla Energy Authorized Reseller is a milestone for the Sydney-based firm, which is a leader in renewable energy expertise.

As one of Australia’s largest solar installers, Natural Solar is fully committed to meet the high demand expected for the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery that has attracted worldwide attention. Australia is one of the first regions globally to receive the ground-breaking unit due largely to high electricity prices, abundant sunlight and fast uptake of renewable energy with more than 1.5 million households already using solar.

Mr Williams said Natural Solar’s engineers are more than prepared to meet any number of requests for the Powerwall Home Battery, which will save homeowners money and reduce their carbon footprint.

“The Powerwall Home Battery is unique because it can be installed inside or outside, is extremely efficient and is functional for both single and three phase households. It can also be islanded from the grid in the event of a blackout.”

“We see this opportunity as, a chance to educate the public on this ground-breaking technology and more. Australians are among the world’s early adopters of renewable energy technology.”

This comes off the back of Natural Solar being awarded recent contracts to install solar systems for NSW Government organisations, The Australian Museum and Sydney Trains, appointments which truly reflect the company’s complete dedication to excellence and the highest of standards in every area.

The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery in essence stores solar energy during sunlight hours allowing homeowners to use it at night. This also avoids the need to sell excess energy back to the grid.

The Powerwall, which carries an impressive 10-year warranty period, has such a range of new and varied functionalities that it will be hard for Australian home owners to resist, Mr Williams said.

“The world has been waiting for a product just like this unit and we are proud to be at the forefront of its installation throughout the country,” Mr Williams said.

“We thank Tesla Energy for creating an energy storage system that is affordable for the average Australian household and welcome the opportunity to educate the market of its full features and benefits.”

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By ChrisWilliams | December 9th, 2015 | Categories: Tesla Energy Powerwall

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