Australia’s first crowd-funded Tesla Powerwall Footscray Community Arts Centre

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Australian first
– Melbourne community crowd-funded
Tesla Powerwall and solar PV

installed at Footscray Community Arts Centre

footscray community arts centre - commercial solar by Natural Solar

In an exciting Australian first, the Melbourne community have supported Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) to go green and move to the future of solar and battery power through their Turn the Lights On campaign in partnership with The People’s Solar, Creative Partnerships Australia and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

This momentous installation is being conducted by Natural Solar and will be Australia’s first crowd-funded Tesla Powerwall battery, allowing FCAC to shine brighter than ever before.

“We’ve been working with FCAC for 12 months on the requirements of this installation and are in the midst of successfully installing a fully integrated energy solution that will make a true difference for the community and create huge savings for FCAC,” says Chris Williams, Managing Director of Natural Solar.

“This installation for FCAC includes a 40kWp solar system, expected to supply 30% of all power required for FCAC. A Tesla Powerwall battery will also be installed, allowing power generated from the panels to be stored and used when the centre is operating at it’s highest and using the bulk of it’s power each day. Customers are seeing the benefits of the Tesla Powerwall immediately after installing it and we expect this to be no different for FCAC,” commented Mr Williams.

In addition to the solar array and Tesla Powerwall battery, LED lighting will also be installed within the FCAC Performance space which will cut technology and operating costs while enhancing the performance space for artists involved.

“The expected savings we will generate from this renewable installation will be transferred directly to the FCAC communities, artists and audiences through the funding of our artistic program, showcasing work that is socially, culturally and politically relevant to our contemporary Australian context,” says Lillie, “We thank each person who individually donated and supported this crowdfunding initiative, these contributions were essential to our goal, and to securing the match funding partnerships involved. ”

“At Natural Solar, we have seen an astounding uptake and interest in battery power and this is truly a focal point for 2016. The community support behind the FCAC crowdfunding campaign has been beyond belief, and we are excited to have been a part of the process from the beginning. We are hoping more community groups, centres and projects will take inspiration from what FCAC have been able to achieve and begin to advocate for renewables and battery power, not just for the savings but also for the environmental benefits,” concluded Mr Williams.

Australia’s first crowd-funded Tesla Powerwall

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By ChrisWilliams | February 7th, 2017 | Categories: Tesla Powerwall

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