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  • Backed by Porsche
    Proud to have Porsche Ventures as an investor
  • German Design and Quality
    Highest quality standards tested by Fraunhofer ISE
  • German warranty 25/30 year
    25 years product and 30 years performance warranty
  • German made polysilicon
    Polysilicon from Germany leading to massive CO2 savings
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Solar energy just got greener! Australian homeowners can now claim to not only be leading the world in rooftop solar installations; they can also celebrate the fact they are spearheading an even cleaner (and more stylish!) energy revolution.

With the guiding principle of no compromise on quality, the sleek, all black solar panels from 1KOMMA5° – now certified for sale in Australia – shine as a beacon of sustainable energy generation.

As a truly pioneering company, 1KOMMA5° is embracing a steadfast commitment to reducing carbon emissions and eradicating unacceptable labor practices in solar panel production. The result is a new, high efficiency solar module that is among the most climate-friendly, high efficiency, and ethical options available.

Image credit: 1KOMMA5°

The first 1KOMMA5° solar module

By producing with European polysilicon from 2023, we can optimize the value chain and ensure ecological, ethical and sustainable production and working conditions.

Form Meets Function in the
All Black Modules

At the core of the 21.5% efficient 1KOMMA5° all black solar modules is the latest TOPCon PV technology. The technology ensures the solar energy output from your rooftop installation is generated at maximum efficiency – making the most out of every ray of sun.

A sustainable and ethical supply chain is also crucial for 1KOMMA5°. Recognizing that emissions during the production of solar modules and components are one of the industry’s biggest challenges, the new panel is made using polysilicon from Wacker Chemie in Germany. Polysilicon is a critical raw material in solar panels and 1KOMMA5° has procured supply from Wacker for the solar wafers and cells in its new all-black module.

Currently, 70% of all solar modules are produced in China – with factories often powered by polluting fossil fuels. By procuring its critical raw material, polysilicon, from Wacker Chemie in Germany, the 1KOMMA5° all-black module is a verifiably cleaner product.

Image credit: 1KOMMA5°

Image credit: 1KOMMA5°

Unlike many of its competitors, Wacker Chemie sources large amounts of renewable energy to power its production plants, which significantly reduces the CO2 footprint of the finished 1KOMMA5° modules. By doing so, the new all-black module has a roughly 50% lower carbon footprint compared to products using Chinese produced polysilicon.

Wacker can make the added claim its product is free from forced labor practices – with evidence existing of such practices at some Chinese polysilicon produces having tainted the solar industry.

As Natural Solar has written, polysilicon produced in China, and in particular Xinjiang, has been in the crosshairs of regulators recently. In the United States, shipments of solar panels have been stuck at the border, as US Customs officials detain them on suspicion of having been made with polysilicon made with forced labor. This situation has left solar companies and customers waiting many months for modules.

With its Wacker Chemie partnership, 1KOMMA5° is making sure this won’t happen to its Australian customers, meaning you can rest easy!

What’s more, each individual module is rigorously checked by independent quality engineers, and regular tests are carried out by a leading German solar research body, the Fraunhofer ISE. The company’s production facilities are also TÜV Rheinland-certified and meet the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standard SA8000. This standard deals in particular with compliance in labor law standards according to the UN Charter and international rules.

This emphasis on quality assurance and ethical production ensures that each 1KOMMA5° module meets the highest standards of both performance and reliability.

The modules also proudly stand on the Clean Energy Council’s list of approved, fire-tested solar photovoltaic (PV) modules suitable for installation under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). This recognition underscores the module’s reliability, performance, and compliance with rigorous industry standards.

Download the 1KOMMA5° All Black Solar Module Data Sheet.

Download the 1KOMMA5° All Black Solar Module Flyer

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An All-Black Design Blending Style with Efficiency

In addition to being sustainable, ethical, and high performance, the 1KOMMA5° solar modules are entirely black in colour. This helps them to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic and sets them apart from the mottled blue solar panels of the past.

They also come with a 25-year product and 30-year performance guarantee directly from 1KOMMA5°, meaning you can be sure your investment in an environmentally friendly future is secure in the long term. This commitment reflects the brand’s confidence in the quality and durability of its solar modules.

Any warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. As a freshly crowned “unicorn” company, 1KOMMA5° has the financial resources and high quality customer service to ensure that you can rely on these industry-leading warranties. And with iconic investors like Porsche Ventures backing 1KOMMA5°, there is no doubt that it is a PV panel supplier that will deliver high quality and performance over the long term.

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Industry Leaders Driving Change

As Natural Solar announced in October 2022, when our partnership with 1KOMMA5° was formed, the company brings international experience to local knowledge. The company is backed by clean energy pioneers like Christoph Ostermann, founder of sonnen, and Philipp Schröder, a driving force behind Tesla and sonnen in Europe.

This expertise ensures that 1KOMMA5° secures the best solar panels, home batteries, and smart energy components for customers, even during a global rush towards clean energy products.

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