sonnen EV Charger

The sonnen EV Car Charger

sonnen, the German manufacturer of innovative home solar batteries and solar storage, recently raised the stakes in the field of electric vehicles with their sonnen EV charger. The cutting edge sonnenCharger brings together the power of community in a unique energy share system that allows electric car owners to always charge their EV car from sonnen’s network of energy storage users.

The sonnen car battery charger works in some familiar ways and enables owners to charge their EV off their own solar energy stores to get the most out of their self-generated energy use. But unlike other EV car chargers on the market, sonnenCharger comes connected to the newest approach to energy independence: sonnenCommunity.

If you, like so many modern homeowners recently, have made the switch to solar home energy, you’re probably already familiar with sonnen’s highly rated home energy battery packs. For years, sonnen has been a leader in home energy storage, but recently they changed the face of the industry by introducing their unique sonnenCommunity. A network of home sonnenBatterie users, for a low monthly fee, can take advantage of the sonnenCommunity, which allows members to share their accumulated energy with other members. The average household equipped with a sonnenBatterie and a photovoltaic system will generate a surplus in energy most days. Instead of feeding that surplus energy into the conventional grid, sonnenCommunity stores that energy in a virtual grid, allowing other users in areas with bad weather to use the surplus when they need it. Centralized software helps distribute and monitor usage. This virtual power plant, with its thousands of connections, allows for complete independence from conventional energy grids. Now eco-conscious homeowners don’t need to be left in the dark if there’s a storm.

The sonnen electric vehicle charger allows you to tap into this massive community for your electric vehicle as well. Any member of sonnenCommunity can now rest easy about getting a full charge for their car as they can always “fill up” from the excess cheap solar energy from the collective surplus.

The intelligent sonnen car charger has a variety of modes for car owners to choose from. Do you need to charge your car as fast as possible, or do you prefer to use the maximum amount of your own stored power? Using the easy-to-learn app, you can control the charging process at any time. The wall connector comes with a Type 2 connector, which works with most European models and has a charge rate of up to 22kw.

Home energy storage is quickly becoming the future, and sonnen’s unique approach to energy sharing is proving popular. Now electric vehicle owners can use those same benefits to make sure their cars are running with the same clean energy as their homes, completely free of fossil fuels’ dirty grasp. And now, for a limited time, sonnen is giving away free sonnenChargers to German customers when they purchase a sonnenBatterie and sign up for sonnenCommunity. Join the thousands of people who have chosen energy independence.

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