Commercial Solar Power

Gain a real advantage for your business with commercial solar systems from Natural Solar

Small and medium sized business is the driving force of the Australian economy. Collectively, these lower scale enterprises contribute millions in tax dollars and provide hundreds of thousands of jobs up and down the country.

Businesses like these need to be protected. And yet so many are now falling victim to rising energy prices.

The cost of powering a small business in Australia is huge. In fact, few countries come close to ours for energy prices. And these prices are rising still.

Fortunately, there is a solution: solar.

That’s right. More and more Australian business owners are looking into alternative forms of energy for powering their company premises, and are finding that solar power represents the best choice.

The team here at Natural Solar are experts in achieving incredible results for Australian business. We will work with you to install unintrusive, high quality commerical solar energy solutions which reduce your carbon footprint and save you serious money.

Read on to discover more, or contact our team today for a quote.

Tesla Energy Powerpack

One of the highly effective commercial solar power solutions that we provide installation services for is the Tesla Energy Powerpack.

Manufactured by the legendary Tesla company, the Powerpack is designed specifically with business in mind. This means that this is the solar power system which is best positioned to suit your company’s needs.

When you choose Natural Solar to provide commercial solar system installation, you can rest assured that you are receiving a full turnkey solution. We ensure that the system is fully integrated with your existing systems and within your property. All the headaches normally associated with installation are eliminated.

From here, the way is clear to a sustainable and highly effective alternative energy source. Click here to learn more about the Tesla Energy Powerpack. Or read on to discover what sort of advantages a commercial solar system can provide to your comapny.

What Does Your Business Gain from a Commercial Solar System?

The benefits of a solar energy system at your business premises are huge. You can expect to enjoy the following.

Slashed electricity

It’s no secret that installing commercial solar panels dramatically reduces your energy bills. However, the truth is astonishing. Some companies have even reported savings of up to 75% on their commercial bills.

Greatly reduced carbon

We all exist on this planet
together, and we should treat it with respect. Adopting a sustainable approach to energy by installing solar panels on your business is an effective way to achieve this.

A system that pays
for itself

There is some initial capital outlay to pay when you purchase solar panels. But this cost is soon recouped. A solar panel system is self-sustaining, and will also qualify you for government incentives and feedback tariffs. Some businesses report that their savings have exceeded costs in only three years.

Simpler forecasts in the
long and short term

When you are hooked up to the grid, you are a slave to the fluctuations and movements of the energy market. This only leads to serious uncertainty over time. With a commercial solar system, this is not the case. Instead, you will be able to make accurate predictions for your organisation’s future.

A valuable

While others are hit repeatedly by massive energy bills, you are free to spend company income on developing your business further. Eventually, everyone will be utilizing sustainable energy sources like commercial solar panels. Make sure your business is not left behind.

An edge on the

While others are hit repeatedly by massive energy bills, you are free to spend company income on developing your business further. Eventually, everyone will be utilizing sustainable energy sources like commercial solar panels. Make sure your business is not left behind.

An enhanced

Your consumer base is becoming increasingly environmentally engaged. Your business needs to reflect this. By investing in a solar panel solution for your premises, you are demonstrating your commitment to all things green and sustainable. An enhanced brand is just one of the rewards.

Choosing Natural Solar as
Your Energy Solutions Provider

Since 2008, Natural Solar have been providing high quality sustainable energy solutions to businesses. In this time, our team has developed an unparalleled reputation for high quality service and a product line to match.

From the moment you get in contact with us for a quote or piece of advice, through to installation and beyond into after sales care, you will experience the same ultra high levels of service. What’s more, the products we offer are designed to achieve the best results for you and your business.

Natural Solar is 100% Australian owned, which means you can invest in a home grown business success story while enjoying savings of your own. We are also the biggest solar panel and energy solution provider in Australia.

Whether you and your business are located in Melbourne or Sydney, Canberra or Cairns, Perth or Hobart, Adelaide or Gold Coast, Brisbane or Darwin, or anywhere in between, Natural Solar can connect you with the same incredible results. Cost reduction and investment in sustainability should be available to all businesses, regardless of location. The team at Natural Solar work to ensure that this is the case.

This has not gone unrecognised. A range of media outlets have given us rave reviews and have recommended our services to their readers, listeners and viewers.

The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, Business Insider, The Herald Sun are just a few of the platforms who have praised our commitment to saving businesses money.

Add to this the range of industry publications who have recognised our commitment to green energy. These include Ecogen, One Step Off The Grid, the Clean Energy Council, and many more.

We are waiting to connect you and your business with the sustainable energy sources you need to really push ahead in the market. Contact our team today and inquire about our commercial solar system products and installation services.

Are you looking to reduce costs?

Fast & efficient savings, increased asset value and improved competitive advantage with Natural Solar commercial systems.

Lower electricity bills

Reduce your power bills by up to 75% and benefit with long term savings.

Return on investment

Fast return on investment (3-5 years) with reduced operating costs and Government incentives (rebates, feedback tariffs) as well as taxation depreciation of capital investment.

Budget more effectively

By producing your own power, you will stay away from volatile energy costs, allowing you to plan your budget more effectively.

Competitive Advantage

Cost minimisation, improved budgeting and being a green business help to improve your competitive advantage.

Increase Asset Value

Capital asset value of your business & premises are increased through built-in power saving infrastructure and enhanced efficiencies.

Being a green business

Reduce your carbon footprint and provide a sustainable & environmentally responsible business with a clean energy future.

Commercial Solar Projects

We’re proud to have helped many Australian businesses reduce their operating costs and improve their business.

100kWp Solar Installation by Natural Solar @ Muswellbrook District Workers Club

100kWp Solar Installation by Natural Solar @ Muswellbrook District Workers Club

100kWp Solar Installation by Natural Solar @ Speedpanel Bayswater

100kWp Solar Installation by Natural Solar @ Speedpanel Bayswater

100kWp Solar Installation by Natural Solar @ Capital Coast Kitchens

100kWp Solar Installation by Natural Solar @ Halekulani Bowling Club

100kWp Solar Installation by Natural Solar @ Taren Point Bowling Club

100kWp Solar Installation by Natural Solar @ Engadine Bowling & Recreation Club

Belrose Commercial 99.75kWp

Belrose Commercial 99.75kWp

Ingleburn Commercial 99.75kWp

Newington Commercial 99.75kWp

Ingleburn Commercial 99.75kWp – Inverters

Canterbury Ice Rink Commercial 99.75kWp

Roseberry Commercial

Roseberry Commercial

Roseberry Commercial

Roseberry Commercial

Instant asset write-off thresholds

Using the simplified depreciation rules, assets costing less than the relevant instant asset write-off threshold are written off in the year they are first used, or installed ready-for-use. This threshold applies to each asset irrespective of whether the asset is purchased new or second-hand.

The threshold has changed over the last few years and during the current year as shown in the table below.

sunpower 395w commercial panel

SunPower® Performance Series 1500 Volt panels are designed to deliver consistent performance for many decades in advanced 1500 Volt power plant applications.

Increased Energy Production

The Performance Series modules’ linear shading response enables true-tracking in single-axis tracking systems, generating more energy than conventional systems that require backtracking.