Queensland Government announces landmark deal with Tesla Powerwall home solar batteries A first for Queensland!

JANUARY23. 2021: Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has signed a landmark deal to use Powerwall by Tesla, the world’s leading supplier of high quality home solar batteries, installed together with solar on 80 homesbeing developed in the Brisbane suburb of Oxley, each receiving a $5000 rebate if they purchase the heavily discounted solar and Tesla Powerwall packages from Natural Solar – Australia’s largest battery installer.

“Natural Solar is proud to be an integral player in the Queensland Government’s solar energy future,” said Chris Williams CEO of Natural Solar. “This signifies its firm support of clean, green energy and its trust in Tesla Powerwall home batteries assisting Queensland’s energy requirements. Homeowners can expect to save up to $2100 per annum, delivering a return on investment under 5 years all while using clean, green energy.On top of this there is the added benefit of backup power in the event of grid outages, which adds additional peace of mind with how, when and why the households use electricity. These truly are homes of the future and Natural Solar is delighted to be partnering with Economic Development Queensland to roll out this project.”

Tesla Powerwall rechargeable solar battery will allow Queenslanders the ability to power their home (and their electric vehicle if they have one) with renewable energy they control, which will reduce their reliance on the grid. “With solar, you typically generate more clean energy than you need. By combining with Tesla Powerwall, you can store excess energy from your solar panels for use anytime—even during a power outage. This beautiful system also allows you to monitor what energy you produce and control your self powered system with 24/7 access using the Tesla app,” said Chris Williams.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Local Government, Infrastructure and Planning Steven Miles said Songbird, Oxley features smart net zero energy emission homes, showcasing innovation and sustainability, while supporting economic recovery and job creation.

“Songbird, Oxley, is leading the nation being a 100% solar and battery neighbourhood, saving homebuyers thousands of dollars in electricity.”

“We are partnering with Energex, Natural Solar and Tesla, to build a comprehensive, sustainable, next-generation community at Oxley, with the aim of sharing these learnings with the development industry, so that today’s innovation becomes tomorrow’s standard,” Deputy Premier Miles said.

The subsidised solar offering for each household includes seventeen 365w solar panels and one Tesla Powerwall, a state of the art battery with 13.5kWh storage capacity. The solar system will on average produce 9000kWh per annum which equates to an estimated $2100 of savings per household – assuming all solar produced directly or from battery storage is used. Participating Australian households will be able to contributeto Australia’s Virtual Power Plants (VPP’s) thanks to Tesla Powerwall’s outstanding capabilities.

Long regarded as one of Brisbane’s best lifestyles, ‘the Oxley way’ is set to become even more cherished with the arrival of EDQ’s Songbird development. Each new home is located near parklands perfect for picnics and protected habitats to explore with your family. Together, the Queensland Government and Natural Solar are invested in developing homes that will become a part of the natural setting, emphasising green eco-living thanks to solar power. The development is a mere 25 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD, and walking distance to The Station Oxley shops and Oxley train station.

For more information, please visit https://naturalsolar.com.au/economic-development-queensland-tesla-offer

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