sonnenBatterie Home Automation

sonnenBatterie Home Automation

Take your home automation to the next level! The sonnenBatterie Eco 8.2 allows for seamless integration with Z-Wave Adapter home automation configurations.

Make the most of your solar by storing the excess in the battery. Then when you have sufficient power stored to run a major appliance, the sonnenBatterie can automatically turn that device on using the Z-Wave Adapters!

The system works with up to 6 Z-Wave adapters configured and up to 3 Z-Wave adapters active at once. Each device connected to a Z-Wave adapter allows the remote monitoring of your high energy drain devices so you can see when each device is running as well as manually being able to toggle them on and off when you see fit.

Take it a step further and automatically turn off other high power drain devices and turn on your air conditioner at 3pm Monday to Friday so that you can come home to a nice cool home daily, knowing that you used minimal grid power to cool your home.

Make your home smarter and greener by utilising your solar when you have excess to run your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, air conditioning and pool pump and take the power back from the retailers charging you an arm and a leg every quarter!

Get a sonnenBatterie with home automation Z-Wave functionality in 60 seconds!

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