2019 Guide For Battery Storage to Use for Solar

With the sector evolving constantly – for instance with the launch of Tesla’s new generation of Powerwall – it can be hard to know which battery storage option will provide an effective and lasting solution for your home.

That’s why, as Australia’s leading – and largest – installer of battery power, we’ve put together this guide on how to choose the right solar battery, explaining some of the terminology involved and highlighting our very own top industry favourites.

How much battery storage do I need for solar?

This is one of the most common things we get asked, and it can be answered with another question: how much energy do you use?

As with traditional batteries, the greater the capacity, the more energy the battery can store.

Electricity usage is generally billed in kilowatt hours (kWh) – the amount of electricity consumed when running a continuous load of 1,000W for one hour. As the output from your solar system is similarly measured in kWh, it’s easy to compare your energy production with your energy storage needs.

To work out a battery’s capacity in kWh, use this simple equation:

Capacity in kWh = (Capacity in Ah x Operating Voltage) / 1,000

So, a standard 12 volt battery for solar storage with a nominal capacity of 500Ah will have an overall capacity of 6,000 watts per hour, or 6kWh.

While there’s no official upper limit on how big a residential solar system in Australia can be, a 10kW solar system with battery storage would be considered large.

The Top Solar Batteries Available in 2019

Here is our pick of the very top solar batteries available in 2019.

sonnenBatterie and sonnenFlat $0 energy tariff

The high-tech sonnenBatterie is one of the most popular battery storage systems in Australia, installed in thousands of households around the country.

By combining a sonnenBatterie with a PV system such as SunPower (which last year launched a partnership with sonnen), you can cover around 80% of your annual energy spend with homebrewed clean energy, bringing almost all of your household energy reliance into your own hands and paring your energy spend down to its bare bones.

Additionally, the German-made sonnenBatterie boasts the highest level of safety and quality currently on the market. No wonder it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Modular energy expansion

sonnen solar batteries start as compact as 2kWh and can be upgraded in steps of 2kWh all the way to 16kWh in a single cabinet, giving you complete freedom to customise your solar system to fit your home or business.

Pay $0 for your energy use

As if that isn’t enough, as of July 2019 you can also opt in to sonnenFlat, a package which for the first time ever enables you to use your storage unit to participate in the wholesale market and help stabilise Australia’s national grid while potentially reducing your energy bill to $0.

You can find all sonnenFlat energy price sheets, containing information on sonnenFlat and the available packages as per your state and energy distributor, here.

The best solar batteries on the market

The two best sonnen batteries currently on the market in Australia are:

  • sonnenBatterie Eco 8: This eighth generation sonnen battery offers both single phase and 3 phase solar battery storage
  • sonnenBatterie Eco 9.53: The very latest evolution of sonnen’s world-class system offers an inbuilt solar inverter – a major selling point for anyone looking to set up a top-performing solar system

Unsure which sonnenBatterie is the best fit for you? Our experts can help.Get in touch and we’ll guide you through the process from start to finish.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Home Battery

Boasting 13.5kWh of battery storage – double that of its predecessor – the Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the most advanced residential energy storage systems in the world.

The Powerwall 2 works by storing any solar power you don’t use (as well as cheap off-peak electricity from the grid) to supply your home with cheap power at nighttime. In other words, it’s designed to save you money.

Despite launching very recently, installations of Tesla’s second-generation Powerwall are already well underway.

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These costs are based on the SA Power network in Adelaide but prices may vary depending on your circumstances. This comparison assumes a general energy usage of 4000kWh/year for a residential customer on Energy Locals Time of Use Tariff – (TOU – Peak, Off-Peak & Solar Sponge).

The reference price is set by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) for a financial year in relation to electricity supply to residential customers in the distribution region and is based on an assumed annual usage amount. Any difference between the reference price and the unconditional price of a plan is expressed as a percentage more or less than the reference price. The terms of any conditional discounts are shown, along with any further difference between the reference price and the discount applied if a condition is met, expressed as a percentage more or less than the reference price.