Four reasons why everyone’s talking about the Tesla Powerwall

Four reasons why everyone’s talking about the Tesla Powerwall

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will definitely have heard people talking about the Tesla Powerwall battery lately. Talking about it A LOT.

Since Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s plan to move into the solar battery storage market with the Tesla Powerwall in April last year, there has been an unmistakeable buzz about this product.

The excitement has reached a crescendo in recent weeks and here are the four main reasons why:

1) First in, best dressed – Australia has the honour of being one of the first countries to receive access to the Tesla Powerwall, and the good times have officially begun with Natural Solar recently installing the very first system in the country. Nick Pfitzner and his family were the lucky first household to get a Tesla Powerwall installed in their Kellyville Ridge home, sparking a tsunami of interest.

2) A golden new age – This is the start of a brave and beautiful era for renewable energy and, although the Tesla Powerwall battery is not the first solar battery storage solution to enter the market, it possesses an unbeatable combination of beautiful design, clever engineering and maximum affordability that has got everyone talking.

3) Wallet-friendly – Put simply, the Tesla Powerwall battery is going to save Aussie families lots of money in the long run, and it doesn’t get any better than that. Despite the initial outlay required to install a Tesla Powerwall-enabled system, it will only take the average household around eight years to pay it off, or even less, if the cost of fossil fuel-based energy from the grid continues to rise in price, as it is likely to do.

4) Happy planet – Let’s not forget the other big reason everyone is so enthusiastic about the Tesla Powerwall is because it finally presents ordinary consumers with a practical, affordable way to create and use energy without destroying the planet. We all want to help preserve the environment and protect it for future generations, but we also want to be able to live our modern lives. The Tesla Powerwall battery is a big step forward, and it has everyone feeling energised.

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