Introducing the Tesla Gigafactory

In a vast stretch of desert in the United States, just outside the city of Reno in Nevada, history is currently being made.

Building is well under way for the new Tesla Gigafactory, a game-changing new structure that will be the second largest building in the world once it is completed in 2020.

This beautiful diamond-shaped structure is the physical manifestation of the best kind of ambition: It will not only function as the largest producer in the world of lithium-ion batteries (to be used in products including the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery), but it will also be entirely self contained and will produce all of its own power through a combination of geothermal wind and solar energy.

Now, when Tesla say that their Gigafactory is going be the biggest lithium ion factory in the world, they really mean it. In fact, once completed, it will be bigger than the sum of ALL of the lithium ion factories in China, Korea and the rest of the world. That’s right, bigger than all of them combined.

The Tesla Gigafactory (so named because it will produce a phenomenal 35 gigawatt-hours of battery power every year) will also be the key production site for Tesla Motors, and it will have the ultimate goal of producing 500,000 cars each year once it is at peak production at the end of this decade. Production of lithium-ion batteries at the Gigafactory is scheduled to begin sooner, in 2017.

The building has been carefully designed so that it looks good aesthetically and fits in with its surroundings, and it has also been aligned on true north so that Tesla can map out where the equipment will be located using GPS and align the solar panels on the roof for maximum effectiveness.

In the words of Tesla founder Elon Musk “It’s a heck of a big factory”, and we can’t wait to see the finished product.

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By ChrisWilliams | April 27th, 2016 | Categories: Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

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